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tbh moon lord was......

Hey guys!! i just killed moon lord and he honestly was hard by myself but i got my friend to do it with me and we DID ITTTTTTT!! ayeee. well anyways i said my friend could have the lumanite so he got it than i took the weapon drop. GUESS WHAT IT WAS!?!?! IT WAS THE LAST PRISMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! THATS WHY IM SO HAPPY!!! well anyways, me and some friends decided to make a whole new world with 4 people and it went like... (like if you know where thats from lol) well two friends did most of the work bc they were the ones who killed WOF so yeah. we’re all also different classes i’m summoner and yeah but the friend who does melee he only does yoyos but not swords. anyways this the rest is the picture after they did killed WOF

Terraria: General - tbh moon lord was...... image 2

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    ok bro

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