Looking for Group

7 Days to die

Hey i need some helo im kinda new to this game and it doesent really make sense to me if anyone would join me that would be cool. (xbox 1)

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

Need Helpp!!

Heyy if anyone gas 7 days to die Digital on Ps4 can u pls game share and if u want trust il even give my acc just so u can trust me

LV.1 Mootie 4mo

Ps4/ just got the game

Preferably if you have a mic

LV.4 Lurker 4mo

Need experienced players

Mic needed
Ps4 psn OGOBLH

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

Need a group of friends

Need some friends to play this game with on PS4

LV.15 Chief 4mo

Looking for some people to play 7 days on hardcore custom world

Very difficult settings the only easy setting is the zombies do not run; turned off item spawning so you must travel frequently to survive if you find main base you may join the group if you do not you’re on your own

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

7dtd teammate needed

Need 7dts teammate decent at the game ps4 pen OGOBLH

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

Need a stripper xbox one

We need a stripper for day 100 and we can use regular people we wont a war

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

Need people for day 100 xbox 1

We have a server that is very lonely and needs people

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

Need ppl to play with.

Just trynna go try hard on this game. Mic is a must.

LV.5 Lurker 4mo

I want to learn how to play 7 days to die

I want to no childless and dont me annoying

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

Someone wanna start a new world with me?

I dont got anyone to play with anymore, the games still fun if you play with people.
Add me OG-ClutchFactor
Must have a mic

LV.4 Lurker 4mo

Anyone wanna start a new world with me? Ps4

Add me OG-ClutchFactor
Mic required

LV.4 Lurker 4mo

Just got the game

Looking for someone who can teache how to play the game

LV.19 Sage 4mo

Need a few committed players to play a long term world

Xbox only mic required. Need some experience in the game

LV.3 Lurker 4mo

7days to day is fun

Add me at Dakingvee26 On PS4

LV.3 Lurker 4mo

I need a team

Anyone with a mic

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

New private wrld

PlayStation 4 7dtd
Ages:14+ (no squeakers)
Ruleset: Classic zombies
Difficulty: Adventure
Drop on death: toolbelt only
Enemy spawn: High (150%)
Loot respawn: 5 days
Loot: 200%


Tweaked server day 1 xbox

Me and my friend are making a tweaked world and we want as many people as we can we can build communities or go to war but teams will be decided at the start by your choice ofc

LV.2 Lurker 5mo

Navzgame New World PS4

I'm looking for at least one other person to play 7d2d with for a bit. I'm quite new, 14+, mic needed.

LV.4 Zelda 5mo

I’m on day 2 on PlayStation

LV.4 Let’s play R6! 5mo

Looking for someone to gameshare 7 days to die and ill gameshare you a game in return (xbox)

Im begging anyone that is nice enough to do this for me. My gamertag is FaZe Venom16

LV.2 Lurker 5mo

Survival 7 days to die friends wanted 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ PS4

Looking to play 7d2d if anyone is interested, I've been playing since it came to playstation. I'm okay lol 💁‍♀️

LV.3 Lurker 5mo

Need team on 7days to die and to help me out. To learn the game

Im on ps4 my psn is TERMINATOR_-000

LV.2 Lurker 5mo

Looking for people to play with on 7 days to die

I only play on ps4

LV.6 Let’s play GTA! 5mo

Hey looking for people to play 7 days to die

I recommend a mic but it's ok if you have one

LV.6 Let’s play GTA! 5mo

Looking for someone too play with I'm new but I'm going too be serious not goofy

LV.6 Nomad 5mo

7 days to die

I'm bored and um looking for some fun people to play with

LV.10 Nightmare 5mo

7 days to die

I'm bored and looking for a fun person to play with in survival anyone can join

LV.10 Nightmare 5mo

For Real Game

I need somemone to play with me on pc for real like not being childish. I want to actually play the game

LV.2 Lurker 5mo