deadmanrises1 LV.16 Insomniac
Nov 7, 2020, 05:55 AM 105 read

Have the game but can't play it?

My friend told me about an app you can download on your Laptop/PC that allows you to play games you own but cannot run. It's called GE-Force Now. The free version lets you play the games you own for up to an hour after waiting in a queue. The paid version which is only $5 a month allows you to play your owned games for up to 6 hours and no wait time when you want to play. I'm able to play many of my game such as; 7 Days To Die, Raft, The Forest, Fortnite (I play creative mode minigames only) and many more.   Please keep in mind not all games are on GE-FORCE NOW. The developers of the game must opt in to allow their games to be run through it. Have a great day gamers and game on.

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