Chrome Gecko LV.10 Nomad
Apr 29, 2020, 01:53 PM 114 read

Dead End Gaming looking for recruits

  Tired of toxic players? Tired of playing with randoms? Tired of having nobody to play with. WELL THAN HI MY NAME IS CHROME GECKO AND I AM FROM DEAD END GAMING!!! This is a multi-platform and multi-game clan. We focus on just playing and having fun. There is a no-bullying policy in our clan that means if your ego is the size of mount Rushmore well than you can fuck right off 😀. That's right I said it our Clan does not condone any toxic players so If ur toxic well you get the idea. And, the only condition for joining the Clan is you have to be 14+. If your interested or want more details Just DM me. If you yourself are not interested in joining then maybe tell your gamer friends who are big sad or looking for a clan to join to DM me.   Call 1-800-DeadEndGaming today :D  

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