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Refine Dark Matter

Contents Guide

Open a flask that consumes 10 Crystals and 1 Dark Matter to gain 30 / 60 / 100 Crystals.   During the event, 1 Dark Matter can be obtained for every 45 Crystals purchased, and is limited up to 10 per day.   [Refine Dark Matter system] 1. During the Refine Dark Matter period, click its icon located on the left side of the main screen to proceed to the Crystal Refinery menu.   2. If you have obtained 60 Crystals from the first flask, you can get 30 or 100 Crystals from the other two flasks.   3. When 100 Crystals are acquired, the flask status is reset to the unopened state and the flask can be opened again. e.g. If you open the flask twice and obtained the 100 Crystals on the third flask, all flasks will be reset to unopened state.

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