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Wear Equipment items to increase certain stats. Each Equipment also has a rarity and is distinguished by the icon color.   Equipment can be obtained from quest clears and summons.   ◆ Equipment stat effect The stats given to each Equipment are effective when equipped on a unit. In addition, the Equipment's stats vary with the same Equipment, and are randomly determined up to a certain number. The top 10% stats is available in Gold rarity, and the top 30% stats are available in Silver rarity.   ※ If you have multiple identical Equipments, the highest status you have obtained so far will apply.   Example) If you got 3 pieces of copper necklace (CTR + 0.1%) and got a copper necklace (CTR + 0.3%), all copper necklaces will be applied as CTR + 0.3%. In addition, the master effect of units that have already mastered the Copper Necklace (CTR + 0.1%) is also applied to CTR + 0.1% → CTR + 0.3%.   ◆ Equipment mastery Each Equipment requires a certain amount of proficiency until you get a master effect, and you can gain proficiency if you join the battle while wearing the Equipment. When you gain a certain amount of mastery, you will master the Equipment, and if you release it from the master state, the stat gain of that Equipment will be permanently applied to the unit.   Q. What if you acquired the same Equipment with higher stats after the Equipment master? A. Master effects will now change to higher stats.   Q. What are the advantages of equipping a master equipment? A. After mastering, there is no special advantage, so if you have already mastered Equipments, you can install them in another unit that you haven't mastered yet. Equip new Equipments to aim for more Equipment masters.

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