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Jul 13, 2022, 08:26 AM 287 read

3 Reasons Why You REALLY Need to Try Raid: Shadow Legends Today

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- A spectacular original dark fantasy universe, in a real RPG experience Raid: Shadow Legends takes place in the world of Teleria, which suffers under the eye of the dark lord Siroth. You play an ancient, dead warrior, restored to life by the Arbiter, Teleria’s guardian mage, to fight back against this evil after her own power is nearly exhausted.   - That extremely fluid and thoughtful turn-based combat While most RPGs have taken an action focus lately, Raid: Shadow Legends sticks with the tried-and-true turn-based combat of old. And not only does it work, but this combat system is so deep and captivating that it feels so much more satisfying than any action RPG could be. This is a game for players who like to use their brains.   - These great 3rd anniversary gifts! It wouldn’t be a video game’s anniversary party without free stuff, and free stuff is certainly abundant in Raid: Shadow Legends right now. First: if you’re a new player who signs up for an account, you get a free Epic-rarity champion, Talia. It’s hard to complain about that, right? Right.

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