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4/9 Update Note

Update Note
Castle Bane: Update Note - 4/9 Update Note image 1

▶ 1.1.0 UPDATE : Dark Lord's Secretary   ▶ WHAT’S NEW? 1. Player and Unit max levels are increased to 70. 2. Chapter 7 Story Quest is added. 3. SS Unit Lydia will be added. 4. The Colosseum (blue) will be added with Fiends-only participants. 5. Summon will be added: - Dark Lord's Secretary Pickup summon will be added. - New 5-Step Up Summon will be added (Guarantee Lydia) 6. New Event Quests will be added. - Knight’s Whitesword's - Beast Meat Hunter - The way of LIES Event Quest will end. 7. Items from The Colosseum (blue) and Beast Meat Hunter event will be added to the store. - The Colosseum (blue): Unique equipment and items are available. - Beast Meat Hunter: Purchase as event goods..   ▶ FIXES : 1. Increased XP when clearing a stage.

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