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Apr 13, 2022, 11:22 AM 238 read

What's trap the cat?

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You have to cover the boxes with a barrier to trap the cat. When you have covered all the boxes, an alert will be triggered and you will have to start over. You have to be quick and alert in this game. It is not that easy. What about the cat? It will try to escape. You have to be very careful. As soon as you have trapped the cat, you have won the game. You must keep the cat within the circles. If it gets outside of them, then you lose! It's easy to lose track of the cat if you're not paying attention, so keep your focus! Once you get the cat inside the circles, you win! What are the benefits of playing this game? It helps your child develop his/her spatial intelligence; It is a great exercise for both hands; It develops logical thinking.  

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