Ragita Anastasya LV.17 Walked the Plank
Jun 28, 2020, 08:54 AM 291 read

Overpowered NPC

Free Board

I just send my troops with full 2 stars yellow generals with mos lv 4 above. But lose in fight with an ordinary tile city with NPC. Since AI updates its broken. It's good to get the AI smarter but please don't be so OVERPOWERED. Now I think I will leave this game till AI is fixed and balanced based in rank/battle power/combat power. In conclusion What I suggest : 1. Balanced NPC and AI combat power. 2. Make a scheduled movement of AI. 3. Give notifications about city defense against AI who attack our city tile. Okay so thanks for all your fun game before this and hope I will hear good news from this game for what I suggested above. Then I will back again to play. So now I will just do monitoring this forum and just do summons in game.

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