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[Event] No.1 Christmas EVENT

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Hello My Lord,   Today is Christmas Eve... Tomorrow is Christmas! We can't go anywhere because of the Corona 19... BUT did you make a plan to have for Christmas? Or how about spend time on Christmas with playing Three Kingdoms RESIZING? We brought an EVENT for the users who play Three Kingdoms RESIZING on Christmas!   [No.1 Christmas Event!]

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◆ Merry Christmas EVENT 1) Event Period : After the announced ~ Until 30 Dec (Wed) 12:59 (UTC +9) 2) Content : Will be opened Free Code when the number of post will be more than 10 posts on [Merry Christmas ♥] Board. * Right Format EX) Title: Merry Christmas ♥ / Content : UID / IGN / Merry Christmas~! 3) How to Participate? - After writing the according to the format, You post up on [Merry Christmas ♥] Board! - Direct Link :

  ◆ Merry Christmas Code : YQB4V2PS3LWX > Expiration Date : 3 Jan 2021 23:59:59 (UTC +9) * You can have enough time to use the Code when the condition of EVENT is achieved as soon as possible.   ◆ Additional Christmas Code : YQB9VWQ2HD97 > Expiration Date : 27 Dec 23:59:59 (UTC +9) * It will be released at 25 Dec 00:05 (UTC +9)     ※ Rewards are paid sequentially after the event ends. ※ Posts irrelevant to the event may be deleted. ※ If you do not register on the [Merry Christmas ♥] board, you may be excluded from the event. ※ Theft of other people's postings is excluded. ※ Duplicate participation with the same content will not be eligible. ※ You can participate once per account.   Thank You

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