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[Update] 03 Dec - Patch Note !

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Hello my Lords,   Please be informed about the patch note that will be applied as the maintenance break is done today.   ■ Update Note 1. Return User Attendance Event

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a. Who can participate? - People who have not logged in for over recent 30 days. (If the return user event does not show up within the game, then you have logged in the game at least once within recent 30 days.)   b. Notice > You can participate at [Event > Return Attendance Event] in the game. > Daily rewards are reset at midnight, and if the reward is not received in the middle, the final reward cannot be received.   c. Official Community Event > In regards to the Return User Settlement Project STEP 2, don't forget to take a screenshot after receiving the reward on the 7th day, and participate in the event to receive additional rewards.     2. War Horse System

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a. How to get a War Horse? > Equipment promotion UI is activated when the 5-star Red Lightening Stallion is enhanced until 15. > To promote, you need an item called Cleanse dan. > Cleanse dan can be purchased at War Horse Store. > 23 hours of absorption time is required when using cleanse dan, and if the absorption time is accelerated, it is absorbed immediately without waiting for time. > When 50 Spirituality is achieved, the promotion button for war horses is activated.   ​※ When promoted to a war horse, the limit of the smelting increases.    

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b. Talented Ability & Common Characteristics > The natural ability that is exposed in the War Horse Handbook is the unique ability of each War Horse. > When the horse is promoted, the unique 0~3 talented ability and common characteristic are born with probabilities, and in the case of the White Pigeon and Startled Sail which do not have the natural talented ability, they can be born with 0~2 common characteristic. > Common characteristics are those excluding each unique talented ability.   ​c. Spirituality > When reaching 80 spirituality, the potential attribute is activated. > You can use Incense once more when reaching 100 Spirituality. > When reaching 110 spirituality (Priority attack, STR, wisdom, CHA), each 5 points will be increased. > If you don't like the potential attribute, you can use the cleanse dan to change it. > Whenever spirituality rises, a certain level of CHA increases.   ★ Incense can be obtained from Dragon chest. ※ Loading phenomenon for each war horse UI > Since image download is in progress, loading does not occur when the download is complete.   3. World Chat & League Chat Improvement > World chat and league chat text disappears after a certain period of time or reconnects, so we have applied this update to keep up to 100 texts in which many main players were inconvenient.   4. Additional Reward added to the VIP Store

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> From this update, you can buy VIP points from the VIP Store, and Lv Bu and Cao Cao shards are newly added.  

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