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Aug 19, 2020, 06:33 PM 171 read

8/20 Maintenance Break

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  Greetings my Lords, We are going to have a maintenance break on Aug 20(Thu) 19:00~01:00 (PDT). Break time may inevitably change depending on the internal circumstances.   For more information, please check below:   1. Limited General Change Yuan Shao -> Cao Ren   2. Bug Fixes - Lag issues when moving store packages - Unexposed phenomenon of certain pop-up banners - During Hero's Path, the phenomenon that the HP of the enemy general is reduced

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- Lag issues when moving tutorial screen - Notification error when there is a shortage of troops - No response issue when clicking the League mission on the League main screen - Lag issues when scouting enemy forces - The phenomenon of overlapping when selecting another general after selecting a general when playing against a friend - The phenomenon that the expedition troops disappear when attacking the ai empty city tactic city - The phenomenon of canceling the previous general expedition when 1-5 generals are first exhibited and then replenished in bulk. - A phenomenon in which recovery is impossible when rolling down in the General Recruitment Book - Tutorial Lady Mi acquisition notification close button unresponsive phenomenon   3. Server Stabilization   ※ You cannot access the game during the maintenance break. ※ The break time and contents may vary depending on the internal circumstances.   To all users who play ThreeKingdoms Resizing Game, we will always try to provide a more pleasant environment.   Thank you.  

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