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7/16 Maintenance Break

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  Greetings my Lords, We are going to have a maintenance break on Jul 16(Thu) 19:00~01:00 (PDT). Break time may inevitably change depending on the internal circumstances.   For more information, please check below:   1. Constitution Day Word Collection Event Open (until Jul 23 maintenance break) > World War Unification Reward - Words Added ※ Since the exchange period cannot be set separately for word collection events, we recommend that you replace them all before the event is over. ※ We cannot help you if you make a mistake or fail to exchange the products.   2. Bug Fixes and Others ■ Bug fix of attack notification error on the city occupation   ■ Bug fix of blanks when changing nicknames   ■ Bug fix of combat reporting information   ■ Bug fix of generals being overlapped intermittently   ■ Modifying the location of the summer festival button   ■ Bug fix of welfare UI red spot error exposure   ■ Bug fix of screen shaking when generals' class upgrade   ■ Bug fix of appointment of general forces, general troops and troops within the cities   ■ Bug fix of battle replay, troops not being exposed, and troops being disappeared   ■ Bug fix of game not being ended after world war unification (added)   3. Weekly Package Changes - Scheme Pack -> Hero Awakening Pack - Equipment Pack -> 5 star Equipment Pack   4. Newbie BUFF Update ※ What's a Newbie BUFF

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Buff effects will be applied for 14 days (336 hours) after new account creation.   ※ BUFF effect 40 percent increase in march speed, 120 percent increase in military/coin/troop production, 10% increase in damage, 10% reduction in damage, 5% increase in dodge   5. Server Stabilization   ※ You cannot access the game during the maintenance break. ※ The break time and contents may vary depending on the internal circumstances.   To all users who play ThreeKingdoms Resizing Game, we will always try to provide a more pleasant environment.   Thank you.  

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