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Jul 8, 2020, 07:23 PM 417 read

7/9 Maintenance Break

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  Greetings my Lords, We are going to have a maintenance break on Jul 09(Thu) 19:00~01:00 (PDT). Break time may inevitably change depending on the internal circumstances.   For more information, please check below:   1. Daily Point Store open -> accomplish daily tasks and obtain points direct link:

  2. Bug Fixes and Others - Tutorial screen of settlement of silver being fixed - The error of hero settlement when defending a city. (The error that hero settlements did not match, will be fixed.) - The issue that unable to log-in will be fixed. - Optimization of arrow at marching page - The lagging issue when possessing a number of cities (over 30 cities) within the World War mode. (It will be further revised to the second, after the first revision. -> You can play in a more pleasant environment than before. - Language notation fixes (Recruitment Rules, Yellow General Spirits Acquisition 150 -> 500)   3. Changes in Limited General Lady Zhen -> Zhang Fei   4. New Items Update - Point - Point Box   5. Server Stabilization   ※ You cannot access the game during the maintenance break. ※ The break time and contents may vary depending on the internal circumstances.   To all users who play ThreeKingdoms Resizing Game, we will always try to provide a more pleasant environment.   Thank you.  

 Three Kingdoms RESIZING: Notice - 7/9 Maintenance Break image 5

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