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1947 partition of India and Pakistan


  The 1947 partition of India and Pakistan refers to the division of British India into two independent countries, India and Pakistan, on August 15th, 1947. This event marked the end of British colonial rule in India and the beginning of a new era in South Asian history. The partition was based on religious divisions, with Pakistan becoming a Muslim-majority country and India remaining predominantly Hindu. The partition led to one of the largest mass migrations in history, with millions of people moving across the newly-drawn border in search of safety and a new home. The process was accompanied by widespread violence and loss of life, with estimates of the number of deaths ranging from several hundred thousand to over a million. The partition remains a contentious issue to this day, with ongoing disputes between India and Pakistan over issues such as the status of Kashmir. https://shareinformations.com/1947-partition-of-india-and-pakistan-part-2/   https://indianhistory.shareinformations.com/%e0%a4%aa%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%b2%e0%a4%be%e0%a4%b8%e0%a5%80-%e0%a4%95%e0%a4%be-%e0%a4%af%e0%a5%81%e0%a4%a6%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%a7/  

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