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10 Best Items That Are Commonly Used in D2R Builds


This article original appeared on MmoGah If you've ever played Diablo 2 Resurrected, you might notice many builds use the same gear. So this time, we bring 10 most commonly used D2R items.

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  Harlequin Crest This green cap, commonly known as Shaco, is used for good reason. It is one of the most all-around items for player vs. Monster in D2R, with +2 to skills and increased Life and Mana based upon character level.   You can get a 10% damage reduction and a 50% Magic Find, helping you find even better gear. This item is an absolute behemoth. Luckily for everyone, it's not a rare item. Although it can be hard to find when you want the first one, it is not on the magnitude of materials.   Regarding player vs. Monster, this Shaco is used on almost every build. Although there are still some exceptions, it can be used almost everywhere.   Spirit Shield For the low cost of the Runeword, this could be one of the most overpowered items in the entire game. By taking Tal, Thul, Ort, and Amn Runes, you can get +2 to all skills, increasing 35% Faster Cast Rate and 55% Faster Hit Recovery. Besides, there are Vitality, Mana, and a bunch of Resistance improvements.   It's absolutely valuable for it costs so little and cheap Runes. That's why this gets used on almost every single character in the game.   Grief Phase Blade This one maybe is the caster range supreme weapon for the melee characters. This weapon has many different kinds of stuff, but the most important by far is that added damage. It doesn't apply the same way as enhanced damage does or anything else.   But remember, it can add more damage than 300 enhanced damage or something like that. And it can be crazy enough even if you're using Smite for the Paladin, and even though it's on your sword that added 400 damage. It actually applies more than your Shields damage, which is quite crazy.   Stone of Jordan It is one of only two rings in the game that'll give you +1 to all skills. But it also gives you stats such as +20 to Mana and increases maximum Mana by 25%.   This makes it an absolutely go-to piece of gear for any casters in the game. And it has been so popular for so long because it can add a +1 point to all skills. That makes it used widely like the in-game currency.   Raven Frost In Diablo 2 Resurrected, there's not much worse than getting hit by a monster and getting your character absolutely frozen, and running around like you're stuck in quicksand. Raven Frost is a piece of jewelry that will keep that from happening.   In order not to get Frozen, every character must wear one of these when fighting monsters, and other stats can help you out of plight by Cold Absorb +20%, adding +40 to Mana, and increasing the attack rating and the Dexterity.   This ring's "cannot be frozen" makes it one of the absolute go-to pieces of gear in the ring slide.   Call to Arms Crystal Sword Most people will be familiar with this crazy enough Runeword weapon. This will increase your skill levels and increase the amount of Life and Mana for you and your party because it improves Battle Command, Battle Orders, and Battle Cry.   It will help for the survivability of you or even your mercenary. It is a good melee weapon for granting Increased Attack Speed by +40%, a bunch of enhanced damage that prevents monster healing, etc.   Any character can use Call to Arms Runeword as it can be put into a low-level base.   Insight Partizan It actually usually goes on your act 2 mercenary using incredibly low Runewords – Ral, Tir, Tal, and Sol. You can use this in any Difficulty, such as Normal early on or even in Nightmare. For any spellcasters needing Mana, Insight Runewored puts out a ton of damage when it is in a crazy good Elite base.   When equipping it, your Meditation Aura can be increased at the top. It also increases your Mana regeneration rate to solve those Mana issues completely.   Enigma Archon Plate If you are worried that your characters can't run fast enough, you can get yourself in an Armor with Enigma Runeword. This armor Runeword gives you +1 to Teleport. In that way, you can teleport with any character. For example, you can throw an Enigma on the Sorceress even though it already has the Teleport skill because this armor with this Runeword is such good game gear, which got +2 to all skills, more than 700 defense, and a ton of strength based on character level. And you can get an Increase in Maximum Life by 5%, damage reduced by 8%, and +14 to Life after each kill.   On top of that, you get Magic Find based on character level. If you have a high-level character, your Magic Find with this Runeword will have more than a 90% chance to get magic items.   It's really hard to understate how amazing this Runeword is. Although it is expensive to make with Jaw and Ber runes, anyone who can make one wants to get it.   Sunder Charms These are a new addition to the game in patch 2.5. Before that, the only way you could break enemy immunities was by having Infinity Runeword, and then you pretty much could only break lightning immunities. But that is no longer the case now. With these Sunder Charms, everyone can break all immunities, even beat the Hell Difficulty.   By throwing a few small charms with that resistance in your inventory, you do not have to fear any enemy's immunity.

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  Skiller Grand Charm Almost every build tries to get as many Skillers as possible in their inventory. This is why these are some of the most commonly used things in the entire game. If you're a Javazon throwing a few Skillers down, these can give you thousands and thousands of extra damage.   That's why many people throw Skillers' cubes in their inventory so much. They don't have to save any space then.  

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