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The game that simulates owning a virtual pet, called Pou, is a lot of fun to play and includes a number of different add-ons. In order for this lovely extraterrestrial species to develop in an appropriate manner, it is essential that you provide it with nutritious food, take care of it, and include it in some fun activities. To get Pou to try on some cool apparel, you have to first wash him with soap, then feed him a variety of snacks, and last entice him. Pou is excited to join you in a variety of activities, including Hill Drive, Sky Hop, Water Hop, Jet Pou, and Food Drop. If you do not participate in activities on a daily basis, you will not get daily experience points even if you play the game every day (XP). The first of these is helping Pou get dressed, and the second is finding out his levels.  

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