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Personal life of Rory Taylor


About Rory Eleanor Taylor: To begin with, Rory Eleanor is a doctor. She was born on 29 May 1986. Her birthplace was in London, England. Currently, Eleanor is 34 years old.   Rory Eleanor Taylor Wikis ☛ Real Name Rory Eleanor Taylor ☛ Birthday May 29, 1986 (age 34 years) ☛ Birthplace London, England ☛ Zodiac Sign Gemini ☛ Nationality British ☛ Ethnicity Mixed ☛ Profession Doctor ☛ Dating/Boyfriend No ☛ Married/Husband Josh Knox ☛ Net Worth $5 million ☛ Parents Roger Taylor, Dominique Beyrand ☛ Siblings Tiger Lilly Taylor, Lola Daisy May Taylor, Felix Luther Taylor, Rufus Tiger Taylor     The early life of Rory Taylor As mentioned previously Rory is the daughter of a famous drummer. Her parents are Roger Taylor, Drummer, and Dominique Beyrand. Dominique is the first wife of Drummer Roger. Rory Eleanor has a brother called Felix Luther Taylor. He is the elder brother of Rory and he is also an actor.   Apart from an elder brother she also has three half-siblings. Two younger sisters named Tiger Lily Taylor and Lola Daisy Taylor. Both her sisters are models. Her step-brother is Rufus Taylor, who is younger to Rory. Rufus is also a drummer like his father.   Education life of Rory Eleanor Taylor Rory was a hard-working person from a young age. She did french education just like her mother, who was French. After completing her basic education Rory decides to pursue higher education. Firstly, she did go into showbiz like the rest of the family. Secondly, she went to study medicine and become a doctor.   In July of 2011, Rory graduated as a doctor. Later, she went to Carlisle Hospital in Cambria, to work as a junior doctor. As per recent reports, Rory is a National Health Service General practitioner doctor in London.   Personal life of Rory Taylor When it comes to the personal life of Rory Taylor not much is none. She was in a relationship with Josh Knox for a short period. Apart from this, there is no much information about her relationships and marriage. Also, as of today, she has no children.   How did Rory claim to fame? As mentioned in the earlier she is the daughter of a famous drummer. Her father is Roger Taylor, a queen Drummer in England. She claimed to fame as the elder daughter of Roger. But this was not the only reason for her fame.   In 2005 she did modeling for a reputed company with her step-sister. Both Taylor sisters were part of the Tatler Magazine supplement called “Watches and Jewellery”   What is Rory association with CoppaFeel? Rory Eleanor Taylor is a doctor who has been working as a general practitioner. She is also a big supporter of CoppaFeel. It is a breast cancer charity in London, United Kingdom. The charity creates awareness among young people about breast cancer.   The charity creates awareness with the simple aim of installing knowledge among the young.. Awareness created by the charity provides young people with tools. The tools help them to know about their bodies. This is the reason for Rory Taylor supporting the charity.   In addition to this Rory also supports the charity for their work. They talk about the most serious issue in a light-hearted manner. As a result, it empowers young people to start healthy habits for life. Read more  

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