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Turkish airlines refund request options


You can request a refund with Turkish airlines in many ways. To apply for a refund, it's important that you first cancel your flight and then use the options below to apply for a refund.   Request for a refund online:- To request a refund via online methods, you can follow the listed steps below.   First and foremost, launch the Turkish Airlines website.   Then log in to your account, else you can also locate the Check-in/Manage booking option under the 'Plan and book' tab; click on it.   Now enter the Reservation code and the last name.   Hit on search options to access the trip details   Now select the booking you are supposed to cancel and go with the cancel reservation option.   You can now follow the instruction to complete the cancellation process.   Once done, you can apply for a refund from there.   It generally takes 7-20 business dates to get the refund in your original payment mode.   Request refund via Mobile App:- You can also use the Turkish airline mobile app to get your refund. All you have to do is log in to your account or use the manage bookings section to access your booking details. Once you select the booking, you cancel the reservation and apply for the same page.   Request refund BY PHONE:- If you are a person who is more comfortable on call, you can do the following.   Dial the Turkish Airlines customer service number to initiate your refund.   You can follow the IVR instruction and talk to the live agent to request a refund.   If your ticket is eligible for a refund, the representative will cancel the flight and apply for the refund on your behalf. Once done, you can expect the refund in 7-20 business days.   Through a self-service Kiosk/Ticket office: You can also cancel the flight on the same day and get a refund depending on your fare type. To do this, you can either visit Kiosk or the ticket counter at the airport.   So using the process and options above, you can request a refund from Turkish airlines anytime. Moreover, if you face any trouble through the process, you can speak to someone at Turkish airlines anytime.   Read More:

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