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Jul 5, 2022, 11:47 PM 52 read

How do you audit the security of your website?


Almost every day, there comes a story about the latest website getting hacked. Most people don't even think of it until this happens to them. At any time, hackers could be checking out your website for anything they will be able to compromise to use your site or server for their nefarious activities. According to research by ghostwriting, the most common threat, Malware, is a very overarching term that may cover viruses, worms, ransomware, spyware. Malware can erase all of your data, steal your customer's information, infects your visitors. (DDOS) Distributed Denial of Service, a DDOS, is pretty much able to bring your site down by overwhelming your site with a flood of automated fake traffic. Your site would lose customers, and every minute your site is down. In this, Brute Force runs a password combination cycle until it finds the correct password, the one that works out. And from that point, the hacker accesses your system, steals all of your sensitive data, and pretty much does whatever they can to harm your data and your network.

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