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Tips for getting a job without experience

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Most of us have had to go through that point where getting a job seems impossible since all vacancies ask for at least one year of experience, which a recent graduate rarely has. It is how we enter a loop from which there seems to be no way out because as we knock on doors, time goes by, our acquaintances advance in the labor market, and the number of ignored applications accumulates.   Sooner or later, we all find an opportunity that allows us to get that valuable experience that magically opens the doors to all those offers that we once had to ignore or even ignored. Here are some tips on how to get a job without experience.   Volunteering It is especially recommended for students who have not yet finished their degrees. Volunteering is a relatively easy way to get that precious experience, to learn in the process, and, of course, to expand our network of contacts. Also, don't rule out the possibility of being offered to stay on or being kept in mind when a vacancy opens up.   Freelance Many freelance jobs can be added to your resume, especially those that require continuous and prolonged contact with the client. It also offers other advantages, such as those mentioned in the volunteering point. It also serves to expand your network of contacts and be considered in the future if a vacancy that fits your profile opens up.   Contacts and more contacts There are many reasons why this is one of the most critical strategies because sometimes companies need a profile so urgently that it is better to turn to an acquaintance than to carry out a long selection process. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that everyone you have collaborated or shared with can recommend you if you have done well (or even veto your application if you did not leave a good impression).   Have a CV/LinkedIn with all that you know We tend to take many skills and knowledge for granted but can make a slight but sufficient difference to other candidates for the same vacancy we are applying for. That said, look to add all those skills you have to your profile, no matter how obvious they may seem.   Keep educating yourself When it comes to getting a job, experience seems like everything, but it's not everything. Sometimes people with a breadth of knowledge are needed over candidates with a little more experience. Many companies may view a highly educated candidate as a long-term investment, not to mention, being highly educated demonstrates a genuine interest in the industry and in learning in general. For example, there are many relevant online educational platforms, such as https://www.wowessays.com/ and various libraries.   Have a good portfolio There are many professions where a portfolio can be equally or more important than the experience itself. If you have free time, consider creating projects for your portfolio or improving the ones you already have. For a recruiter, experience is important, but the guarantee of a talented professional with good work can tip the balance.   Start from the bottom Any experience is better than no experience, no matter how frustrating it may be, because it can help to expand your network of contacts or even pay for further training.   Be clear about your path and your references It is essential to be clear about building a realistic and stimulating path for your professional life. If you know where you want to go, it is easier to choose the right way (studies, volunteering, and contacts).   Make the most of your time at university College time is for learning and having fun whenever possible. However, it is worth investing a couple of hours in courses, workshops, groups, and activities that can help you improve your resume while meeting people who match your interests.   Patience and perseverance As we said initially, sometimes it can be frustrating to see how others move forward while you fail to get an opportunity. In general, it is never easy to accept rejection. However, you must understand that we have all gone through this process and situation to a greater or lesser extent. Eventually, if you are consistent and employ all these strategies to the fullest, sooner or later, you will find an opportunity (as it happened to yours truly).

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