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How Can I Sign Out Yahoo Email On All Devices


Hey Yahoo users! I have a question to ask. Are you fed up with creating and forgetting Yahoo passwords? If your answer is yes then believe me you are not alone. According to Yahoo customer service every day, several thousand Yahoo mail account holders forget their password. Actually, the reason behind forgetting the password is the fact that now email users create long and difficult passwords. And the problem is that our mind tends to forget such passwords easily sooner or later. But, you can say goodbye to the password. Yes, you are in luck if you use Yahoo! Mail to send and receive email messages to and from your contacts. Why? Because password has become the thing of the password in Yahoo. Now this is the era of the Yahoo account key.   If you are scratching your head thinking what the meaning of Yahoo account key can be in the world then this post is for you. In this quick helping post, we are going to explain everything that you need to know about the Yahoo account key. More specifically, we will discuss the answer to some of the commonly asked questions such as - how to enable, disable, set up, and manage an account key on Yahoo.   What is a Yahoo account key? You can think of the Yahoo account key as a gateway to get access to all Yahoo accounts. By that I mean, you can create one Yahoo key for your multiple Yahoo email accounts. Let’s be more specific. Yahoo account key can be best described as the notification service for login. Enabling this service means the user will no longer be required to enter the password while signing in to the email account. Instead of a password, from the Yahoo server, you will receive a notification on your registered device (phone number). That notification will seek your approval to allow access. If you tap the “Yes” button then the access will be allowed to the person who is trying to log in.   On the other hand, if you select “No” then the access will be denied by Yahoo. It’s simple. But, remember one thing. It is important to have access to the registered phone number at the time of login after enabling the account key feature on Yahoo. Otherwise, you might not be able to access your Yahoo email account.   Benefits of Yahoo account key? Yahoo account key, the password-less authentication feature, can lead to so many benefits. Among so many benefits one biggest benefit is the eradication of the pain and hassles that come with remembering and creating the typical password time and again. In addition to that, there are a few more benefits one can get by enabling the Yahoo account key: ● Yahoo account key is fast, safe, and user-friendly. ● It is easy and customizable to set up and manage. ● Users can enable and disable this feature whenever they wish. ● Yahoo account key is a free feature. ● Multiple Yahoo email accounts can be accessed by one Yahoo account key.   What is the difference between the Yahoo account key and password? It is important to understand that the Yahoo account key is neither a password nor a 2 Factor Authentication. Log in with a password to any email account means that first, you will have to enter your email id, and then comes the password. In the case of 2 Factor Authentication, there is one more security layer. The second security layer involves receiving and entering a secret code in the given field.   It further means access is allowed to the person only after entering the password and secret code in the field. In sharp contrast to the password-enabled and 2FA login method, in the Yahoo account key neither the account holder needs to enter the password nor has to receive and enter a secret code from the Yahoo server. If there is something that you need to enter is only the Yahoo email id. And after that, you will receive a notification seeking your approval for login on your phone number.   How to get a Yahoo account key? After understating how simple and straightforward the process of Yahoo account key, many of you might like to know how to enable the Yahoo account key. If yes then just do as mentioned below to get a Yahoo key for your personal or business Yahoo mail account on the Yahoo mail app. ● So, as a first step to set up your account key, go to your profile. ● Tap the “Account Key” tab available under your email id. ● Select “Set Up Account Key”. ● Register or change your phone number. ● After that choose “Approve icon” ● Then, select “Got It”. ● Finally, tap the “Enabled Yahoo Account Key”.   Note: You can enable and disable the Yahoo account key through the Yahoo security page.   How to disable the Yahoo account key? In case you know in advance that you will have no access to your registered phone number or due to any whatsoever reason if you wish, you can disable the Yahoo account key with ease of mind. These are the steps to follow to disable the Yahoo account key using Yahoo mobile app:   ● Select the menu tab (three horizontal lines tab) from the top left corner. ● From below your Yahoo email address select” Account Key”. ● Then, select “Manage Account Key. ● If you are sure about turning off the account key feature then select “Disable Account Key” ● Once you tap on the toggle button to turn off the account key feature password protection will automatically be enabled.     In Conclusion One thing is clear with the introduction of Yahoo account key, the majority of the users will be happy. A significant drop down might appear in the total number of people who time and again could be seen asking questions on the internet about Yahoo support or Yahoo phone number. This feature will help Yahoo to strengthen its position in the competition. 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