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Oct 25, 2019, 11:36 AM 330 read

Daily Gem Revive Event

Starts on October 28, 2019. Get your gems back on your weekly revival spending!   Here's how to particpate: 1. Revive over 25 times, get 25% gem back spent on reviving. 2. Revive over 50 times, get 50% gem back spent on reviving. 3. Revive over 100 times, get 100% gem back spent on reviving.   The GM will be counting your revive counts weekly! Rewards will be given on Mondays. The revive counts will be posted and updated here every week.   * Note : 1. You can only participate once per day. 2. Your reward will be one of the 3 cases stated above depending on the number of revive counts. 3. The revive count conditions should be met on a daily basis.   Hints on where to use revive: 1. Explore 2. Conquest 3. Battle Ground 4. Plunder/Feudal War 5. Raid 6. Lord's Sanctuary   The revive button looks like this.

  Reward Character List Nov 2nd Week GigxoN : 37 revives, reward => 933 Gems (25% back) jachoski : 30 revives, reward=> 725 Gems (25% back)   Good luck and have fun.   Good gaming, 4Story - Age of Heroes

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