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Dive into Action in the World of 4Story


Dear players, Thank you for choosing 4Story – Age of Heroes.   Enter the village in the game and tap on the "Battle" UI to choose between Explore, Battleground, Conquest, Raid, Lord Sanctuary, Kaya Tower, Duel, Smash and Super Smash. Explore is a single player mode contents which consists of 24 chapters and 288 stages. This is where most of the grinding takes place. The player will engage themselves in earning gears to upgrade and sacrifice. All the other important commodities can be earned through different contents. In the end, the players will be fighting for supremacy in the daily guild territory wars.   Here are some tips that may come in handy while you play the game.   You can use [Pass] once you reach 3 Stars in Explore.   Collect your [Pass]. This item can be used more effectively when you use it in higher stages.   [Treasure chests] are hidden in various places in Explore.   Complete [Challenges] at the lower screen of the Home Town. You will grow faster.   [Kaya Tower] gives 150 gems per floor as first time rewards. Take advantage of it.   Once you complete [Conquest], you can earn [Pass, Actions and Gold].   You can join the other in Conquest if you tap on the [Merc] button on the right side of the screen.   If you click [Player List] at the bottom of the screen at Conquest, you can invite friends in the square or summon mercenaries.   There will be Conquest at 00min, Battleground at 20 minutes and Super Smash at 40 minutes of every even hour.   [Battleground] : By chance, a huge amount of Upgrade Stones may drop. Keep on challenging!   [Arena] will promote/demote players on the league depending on the weekly ranking. The highest league reward is 4500 gems.   [Raid] reward will give a maximum of 5 [Tier.4] or higher grade items. Must clear [Explore 3-5] to activate raid.   If you register to a guild and proceed with [Feudal War] you can earn a maximum of 5 [Tier.4] or higher grade items.   If you register to a guild, you can earn additional XP which will help you enhance your items.   Once a guild occupies an area, the area will give 1000K gold per area acquired to all the guild members every day.   [Plunder Wars] : The guild will acquire more points when you bring more guild members to destroy other guild cores.   [Enhance] : You can sacrifice the same type of items to enhance up to level 20. Tier.4 or higher items are preferable as sacrificing materials.   [Fusion] : You will need two items that hold the same tier grade with 20 enhancement levels to create one Tier+1 item with changed elements and options.   [Upgrade] : You will need 1 item with 20 enhancement level and some upgrade stones to create a Tier+1 with elements and options intacted.   If you purchase 10 item summoners, you will save 45% compared to purchasing a single item.   [Challeng! Level 100] item cannot be purchased after [Level 60]. Purchase it when you can!   [Plus Club] package will give 20% additional gems for life!   Have gun! Good gaming 4Story – Age of Heroes  

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  • SnowDemon LV.1 Mootie Oct 17, 2019, 09:27 PM

    hello how to join to the guild

  • santoshchegondi LV.2 Lurker May 10, 2021, 01:27 AM
  • SnowDemon LV.1 Mootie Oct 17, 2019, 09:42 PM

    hello how to join to the guild

  • gamer391672938 LV.6 GameManager Oct 25, 2019, 10:09 AM

    Hi, you will need to complete stage 2-12 in Explore to register to a guild.

  • Mikrole LV.1 Mootie Nov 13, 2019, 01:34 AM

    Can you tell us any informations about the PC update for 4Story?