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Question in regards of Apple Arcade

So, not to long ago i've been seeing all this hype for Apple Arcade. Ads for it were everywhere, new games for it were releasing quite often, and it looked pretty promising considering it had no in app purchases. But after taking a stroll threw all of the apps they had in stock, it kinda sucks. The only one that caught my eye was the one with the barbarian lookin' dude and he needs to hide from the bad guys or something like that. I could tell that game was a knockoff mobile version of the Entitled Duck Game that's on the switch.   I wonder, should i get it? Yes or no, i need help deciding. The library might expand in the future which is the only reason I'm considering. But anyways, i would appreciate any voters.

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Should i get Apple Arcade?

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  • Heals LV.11 Dream Chaser Jul 26, 2020, 02:32 AM

    I’m not going to vote yes or no since right now you seem to have a fundamental misconception if why you want Apple Arcade.

    The titles on there are generally nice games with a lot of love for detail but not catering to every audience - so you won’t necessarily find a title you like straight away. And that’s okay.. Because you can browse the games for free.

    So, right now theres nothing on Apple Arcade for you, as you say yourself.

    Why get it now?
    Why get a $5/month subscription for a service you can browse for free that right now has nothing you want?

    I understand the “might expand in the future” as Apple Arcade expands every so often and Apple still does adverts for it in the app store; however unless you want to support the developers currently on there regardless of none of their games being for you then there’s no reason to get it right now. Even if you wait a year or two to get Apple Arcade you will still be able to access all titles ever added to it.

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