POPULAR Drawing! (Wolffe’s Graffiti)

Well, Wolffe^^ drew a graffiti for me so I decided to attempt to do one for him. This is the very first graffiti that I ever did. Hope you guys like it :)

As Always...Smile and Be Positive :)

LV.23 Dream Chaser 4h

Gonna leave this here...

with no context whatsoever.

LV.11 Dream Chaser 21h

I'm going to start a new series :)

I'll post a picture that I edited with a quote or a lyric I like.
Not really sure how often I'll post these I'll probably just do them when I feel like it :)

Anyway this is from the song "wishers lose copper, dreamers lose everything" by ghostemane it's a very good song I'd definitely recommend it if you haven't heard it :)

Duck 🦆

LV.22 Carry Me 1d

GIF Photo!

So I found out that I can make some of my photos into GIF format. (This is because I take a lot of pictures of the same shot.)

So I hope you guys enjoy this GIF!

LV.11 Dream Chaser 1d

Go watch my new video

LV.2 Lurker 1d

Will someone please make me a banner? (Read desc)

Yes, ik I already do have one. But it doesn’t fit.
What I want on it is kirmit the frog, Peter griffin, pickle Rick and the reaper from overwatch. I want my name in the middle and a small but visible quote saying “death from above” the backround is your choice just try to make look the best you can^-^

Thank you all and whoever makes my favourite one wins a shoutout.

Love you and have a nice day.

LV.19 Default Savior 2d

POPULAR SPF X Da Big 64 art collabo

The big reveal is here!
Drop a comment if you are feelin it!

I did my best to bring the 64 ideology to the forefront when I created this piece.

I work mostly with acrylic pouring and spray paints. :)

-In 64 we trust-

LV.26 Mod 2d

Banner For Velanova Gamer

Here you go! If I need to make any changes to it, I will gladly do so for you. I tried my best with this by the way, so apologies if it does not look the greatest

verified LV.36 Mod 2d

Another Photo :D

I've got another photo for you guys!

I took this one at the same San Francisco air show!

Thank you again to everyone who helped me get to 50 followers. I couldn't have possibly done it without the help of PrivateButter65 and GudGuySolid^^. They're great people. ^-^

LV.11 Dream Chaser 2d

Flowers in my neighborhood 2.

LV.19 OPFOR 2d

Just another teaser 😏

A little video I took before I took the stickers off, showing the glow in the dark paint under the black light.




LV.26 Mod 3d

Art project

This was one of my art projects I did for school if comment if you want the finished piece when I get it

LV.15 You're a Bot 3d

Flowers in my neighborhood. ( Best ones I've taken)

I'm not a Flower and a Photographer person but my mom loves flowers so I took photos of them and hope she would like them, maybe you guys would as well? :) I'm also planning to go outside and take some more pictures.

LV.19 OPFOR 4d

So y’all remember when I said I was collaborating with a popular Moot user?

I’m gonna spill the beans this weekend.
Drop a comment if you want to guess, hit the like if you’re excited to see the finished piece already!



LV.26 Mod 4d

Banner For FaKe Revive

Here you go! Make sure if you need any changes done to it, let me know! Hope you enjoy it!

verified LV.36 Mod 4d

Here's That Photo!

I finally figured out what photo I would share today.

Snapped a picture of this beauty back in October. The orange is such a beautiful color. <3

LV.11 Dream Chaser 4d

Banner For Londyn

Here is your banner! Let me know if I need to make any changes and if I need to, I will gladly do that for you and I hope you enjoy!

verified LV.36 Mod 4d

Banner For BFM Death

Here you go! If you need any changes to it, please let me know and I hope you enjoy it!

verified LV.36 Mod 4d

Banner For ItzQueenVicky

Here you go! If you want me to make any changes to it, please let me know! Hope you enjoy it!

verified LV.36 Mod 4d

Banner For B0gd4n

Here you go man! I wasn't sure how it would look with the shark and the pool chair, but I did the best I could with it lol. Anyways, if you need me to make any changes to it, please let me know and I can do that for you! Hope you enjoy it!

verified LV.36 Mod 4d

Getting used to the Pen

Still getting sued to it but instantly was able to draw a well drawn hand and arm. I hope I get used to it fully to draw to full potential.

LV.19 Champion 5d

What do yall think?

I pretty proud of how it turned out, also do yall like the progress pictures as well?

LV.23 Shadow 5d

Header for Shroud

Made this with inspiration from the FPS GOAT

Let me know what you think!

LV.4 Lurker 5d

Banner For Elfi

Here you go! If you need me to make any changes to it, please let me know! Hope you enjoy it!

verified LV.36 Mod 5d

Did a Random Sketch

Started with Nose and Eye and got this. Lol

LV.19 Champion 6d

Here's a Photo For You!

Yet another photo. Took this one out in my yard.

Tell me this little guy isn't just adorable. ^-^

LV.11 Dream Chaser 6d

Drawing vs Painting

Which do you like more as an art form? I feel like drawing often doesn't get the type of recognition it deserves. You hear about great painters all the time but rarely do you hear about drawers. Do you guys agree, what do you think about all this?

LV.22 Poppin’ Bottles! 6d

Banner For Epicgamerboi420

Here you go! If you need me to make any changes to it, let me know! Hope you enjoy it!

verified LV.36 Mod 6d

Guts is one of the most relatable charather to me

The powerful quotes he says through out the story of berserk. This one is my favorite one.

LV.19 Fast as Lightning 7d

New club!!!

I am now announcing the happy hammers club.

Not anything between the positivity club it's just that it's pretty hard to get in.

Soooooo now you can kind of you can join to spread the love no matter what.
But if I hear you're mean it's out for you 16 spots are open and no co owner I love you all once agin no sweat between positivity club just to help them. Love cactus ithink

LV.3 Supersonic 7d