Just a quick bunny

I think its good...

LV.20 Professional Noob 8h

Fan Art of Solo Leveling

One of the best manga/manhwa I have ever read!!! Really recommend it, go and give it a shot!
ps. Drew it with hand and coloured it digitally!

LV.21 I Love Food 20h

I made a banner🔥

verified LV.26 Rootin Tootin 1d

Flint Draws #1

Thank you for checking out my post love you all 😊😅

LV.19 Mobile 2d

Adam(Somethingelseyt) with Hat kid(A hat in time) clothes staring at a cat from nyakuza metro.

It's also my profile background

LV.4 Lurker 6d

POPULAR New art!

yes I changed my username into my xbox account name :v
Signature is on bottom right

LV.20 S 6d

It's as finished as it will get!

Like I said in my last drawing post it was a work in progress but now it's as finished as it will be and I feel proud! This is my first step into trying to draw animals so I'm pretty excited! I'm going to try to draw my favorite animal next which is a Red Fox! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

LV.20 Professional Noob 6d

One of my best fanart yet

LV.16 Clearly Hacking 6d

POPULAR Tribute to one of my favourite movies! (Titan A.E.)

Be honest with you opinion please. I gave drawing humans a try again and this came out. Tried to draw a picture i found on the internet with those three people. Can you see who they are (all 3 are from the same movie)?

verified LV.25 Wolf 7d

USMC Rifleman (Vietnam war)

LV.21 Professional Noob 7d

POPULAR Owl drawing

Its still a work in progress but what do yall think?
Edit: I have posted the finished work so go check it out! Have a great day!

LV.20 Professional Noob 7d

On a roll these days :D

second one that comes out this good in one week? Im proud of myself ^^
I might've been a little lazy drawing the leaves on the trees :p
Feedback is welcome and yes a painting is coming up and a seraph art will also come soon ^^

LV.20 S 8d

For a cool lock- to homescreen transition.(Mine is from night to day)

LV.4 Lurker 8d

Off Topic Sketch (3)

Had a friend challenge me to draw this

LV.16 Sage 8d

Wholesome duck art

I’m making a duck format too

LV.19 Mobile 9d

POPULAR Moar art ^^

tbh i really like how this came out!
Constructive feedback and criticism are welcome!

LV.20 S 10d

My overall first drawing project

@Squishy_FB8532XD asked me what my first good drawing project was and here you go. This was my first project on this kind of paper. It is the "illidari" banner from World of Warcraft. As you can see it was created before I got my name "Dulkros" and it's not quit the style I use in my projects in moot.

verified LV.25 Wolf 14d

DnD Frog Cleric I made for my friend bubbles! He wanted me to make it the most retarded I could.


Just something i drew a while ago

im bored so just posting
Should i post more of these?

LV.20 S 16d

Jager chibi!

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay on the art! Moot hasn't been working right for me and still isn't but I can do some things now so finally the Jager chibi drawing! Vote in the poll to decide who I draw next! Also I finally got printer paper to use so everything will be better quality! Have a good day!

LV.20 Professional Noob 17d

All my work in a nutshell (finished or not finished)

LV.21 Professional Noob 19d

nyakuza uwu

hat kid is so gdm adorable
btw this is my version of her on the new dlc
critics and suggestion would be highly appreciated

LV.12 Chief 21d

Composing a concept poster

I hope this looks ok. It is a very large file haha but this is the final poster I turned in to my studio course for the scooter I been working on.
It quickly highlights the process that I went through to design this scooter and also the work put into it.
It doesn’t showcase EVERYTHING and the trial and error drawings/ models, but you can get a picture of what it takes to correctly design something.
Research, sketches, modeling, designing.
Those 4 things over and over again till you get it right and solidify a concept that you can defend from your research.
Hope you like it!

LV.26 Wizard 21d

Comic style Kim Jong Un

LV.11 Let’s play R6! 23d

Like concept products?

Here are my latest renderings of my electric scooter concept!
It’s a small, easy to ride electric scooter that provides storage and a seating perch for longer rides. Best part is that it can detach the back half in case you don’t need something as big to zip around town in!
Google first mile/last mile to see the problem I am solving with my take on the electric vehicle game.


LV.26 Wizard 23d

Thank you Baku! 🇦🇿

The image portrays the two red bulls racing through the chicane known for being the tightest spot of the entire racing calendar!

While Pierre Gasly went DNF over the course of the race, his team mate Max Verstappen finished the race as 4th, bravely defending his position until the very end against Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who placed 5th.

Credit: Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, YT

verified LV.25 Mod 23d

It's too late… when they realize it (unfinished)

LV.21 Professional Noob 24d

POPULAR Guess who?

Got plenty of time on my hands so ummm...

LV.21 I Love Food 25d

Stitch Artwork!

Drew it with hand and coloured it on Microsoft paint

LV.21 I Love Food 1mo


LV.21 I Love Food 1mo