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Mar 21, 2019, 07:27 AM 204 read

(Polygon) Google Stadia: Phil Harrison answers our biggest questions

"As a veteran of multiple console launches at Sony and Microsoft, Phil Harrison has been doing this for the better part of 30 years. By “this,” I mean sitting in a hotel room, being interviewed by a reporter about an Exciting New Thing, answering questions without really giving much away.   In the course of my allotted 30-minute interview with Harrison, I (along with compadre Chris Plante) learned a few things about Google Stadia, a new streaming platform for gaming, that we hadn’t learned at Tuesday’s conference.   But mostly, interviewing him is a useful, enjoyable exercise, in that it’s an opportunity to air the discourse, to shake out the conversation and hang it on the washing line.   It’s not game journalist hyperbole to suggest that Stadia is a really big deal. Potentially, it’s the death knell of everything we know about console games, about hardware generations and the hierarchy of platform holders, publishers, developers, media, and players.   Overused words like “disruptive,” and “revolutionary” don’t do justice to Stadia’s potential to upend gaming, to smash the status quo and replace it with something new. Of course, all of this depends on Google’s ability to deliver on its promise, on Harrison’s ability to marshall and steer the future, on the desires and needs of developers, publishers and, most importantly, consumers.   ..." ----------------------------------------------- Read the entire interview in the link below. It's a pretty long one, so I didn't think trying to move it into Moot in its entirety would be the best move.   Link: https://www.polygon.com/2019/3/20/18274811/google-stadia-interview-phil-harrison-gdc-2019

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