Best PlayStation Games

By far the best PlayStation exclusives are The Last of Us, God of War 4, the Uncharted games, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Prove me wrong ๐Ÿ˜‘

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What's everyone rocking for hardware on their rigs?

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New PlayStation gamer

Morning everyone, just got my first PlayStation last night, wondering if anyone has suggestions on what games I should get and if anyone wants to add me

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Try and beat this ๐Ÿ˜Ž

try and hit this time lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

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๐Ÿคฉ hello Moto

Iโ€™ve never been more excited about a phone I probably wonโ€™t buy. This is just so nostalgic!!!!

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Welcome to the future

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HW News - Rockstar AMD "Fix," NVIDIA Driver Security, & 50TB HDDs

A whole slew of topics honestly.

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Crypto scams prolific within Youtube

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Smh Youtube

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Ha ha ha beat this mate

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The ESA, and the discussion surrounding their practices

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When you realize the you can get YouTube on Switch

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Insane 4k rig - j0kep0ke edition

With this rig you will be always on the max
Motherboard ( mobo ) : MSI X570 ACE
CPU () : Ryzen 7 3700x
RAM : HyperX Predator RGB 16 GB 2*8 DDR4 3600MHZ
CPU Cooler : Cooler Master ML360R
PSU : 750W Gold NZXT
PC case : Cooler Master H500P MESH

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Wireless gaming earbuds

Over-ear headphones hurt those who game with glasses.
This affects your competitive play style when ear soreness and headaches occur from wearing these over-ear headphones.

This is my solution to solve that problem that many, including myself, suffer with while escaping our realities.

Current Bluetooth ear-bud options have a big audio delay (which is bad for competitive shooters), have terrible audio quality, and require complex audio routing with a console and pc.

This solution fixes these problems. No ear soreness, no ear sweat, no pairing procedures, zero audio delay, long battery life, and high quality audio for increased situational awareness to gain that competitive edge.

I took the Astro Gaming company, and modeled my design after their visual brand language.

This is the result! Very proud of how I was able to go from idea, to concept, in 2 weeks. I am also in love with the way it looks! ๐Ÿ˜

I hope you like it!

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Looking for a ryzen 9 3900x

Hey gamers recently Iโ€™ve decided to build a pc for gaming, and so far I have every single piece except the ryzen 9 3900x. I only want the actual cpu so Iโ€™ll pay anything up to $500( nothing higher and Iโ€™ll ask for pics to make sure it hasnโ€™t been used). So if you or someone you know is willing to sell a brand new Ryzen 9 3900x for $500 let me know in the comments.n

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Capcom Announces Will Make Rockman X Dive Mobile Version

Capcom Announces Will Make Rockman X Dive Mobile Version

#MegaMan #MegaManXLegacyCollection #mobilegaming

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Huawei makes phones that you can't cover the cam

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I know Iโ€™m late on this one

so rumors where going around about this so when I was watching the Xbox E3 I was waiting like โ€œany minute their gonna announce itโ€ idk if they did and if they did tell me but I donโ€™t think so
Love yโ€™all peace-Nsane_lightning

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Really sony

Looks like sony shut down their servers because of a bug

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Nice back scratcher you got there! New tech isn't it?

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Original PlayStation Logo Concept Art

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POPULAR I love Sony so much right now.

Sony released a free Pride Theme on the PlayStation store and itโ€™s got me feeling the love.



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This is technology

Tonton "Wait! Spongebob we have technology! Meme" di YouTube

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Recommended phones?

Budget of 23k php (450 usd). Do you guys recommend any phone? Im thinking of buying a Pocophone F1 or a Razer phone 2

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iPhone or Android

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Sold ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ

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Whatโ€™s your pc specs

I was wondering whatโ€™s some of your specs on your pc,because I wanna build one but Iโ€™m just curious on what the community is running on theirs

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Should I switch to the galaxy s9/ the s10e?

Apple getting on my nerves! The phones be so fragile that I canโ€™t even go to school without one breaking

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I want wait i NEED this!!!

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