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Sep 21, 2020, 07:46 AM 222 read

😄~-Story Time!!!-~😄

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One of recent happy memory was that I was hanging out with my best friend, her name was Isabella but I called her "Bella". She invited me to go watch "Star Wars; The Last Jedi", and in my opinion I enjoyed it. She invited me to watch with her mom, her older sister and her older sisters boyfriend. Isabella had long streak of curly black hair, and a smile that could make your day. We arrived early at the movie theaters, and we decided to eat some sushi! This was my first tine eating sushi, and I enjoyed it! When it was time to go watch our movie, we headed there immediately and got there in no time. We found our seats and got our popcorn and watched the "commercials?" (I have no idea what they're called)... After we watched the movie, we had leftover popcorn and we some coca-cola, and before they dropped me off back at home we went to this Filipino store, and got some food for my family and I. After we got food, we headed back to my home to drop me off. As we arrived back at my home, I said my goodbyes and headed on my room. That was the most fun I ever had in a long time and I enjoyed that movie! (In my opinion) When did your most favorite happy memory occur???

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