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My Short Story EP 2

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Hiya Guys & Dolls,   It's Vera and this is a romance short story that I wrote while I was in high school in my free time while I was taking a creative writing class. I do want to add more to this story and make it progress, even more, please feel free to give any feedback you may have. I also have it posted on my Wattpadso please feel free to check it out. I also am trying to hit 25 subscribers for a milestone on Tapas.io   The First Meeting   I see her in my dreams it's been happening a lot lately. I hear her calling my name constantly "Jake...Jake...Jake!!! She says. I try to answer her in my dreams "Violet...Violet..." but she doesn't answer. I pull myself out of my dreams breathing heavy. Her long jet black hair, her small thin body and her blood red eyes, and her cute soft pink lips. A picture of her stays in my mind. But then I hear her call my name again "Jake...Jake... come to your window." I slowly stand up from my bed. My hair is long thick and black and my eyes are bright green, I'm quite short for my age being 21 years old. My body type is an athletic build. I slowly stretch and walk slowly toward the window. I see her small frame in the window and I see her hands pressed against the glass. My eyes widen as my bright green eyes start glowing. "Violet how did you find me?" I run over to the window placing my hands on the glass where hers are. She looks at me with her blood red eyes glowing. "I missed you Jake it feels so strange being far away from you." I smile as my long fangs show some, I open the window carefully. "Violet sweetheart how did you find my room?" as I help her into my bedroom and close the window again behind her. "Jake I always remembered where your room is in your house I just missed you so much I had to come see you." I love her so much she means everything to me. "I love you violet so much please don't leave me." "Jake I love you with all of my heart I won't leave you I promise." I hold her in my arms smiling as my eyes gleam in the moonlight. "My love lets go to bed." "Okay sweetheart I love you so much." I pull her into my arms holding her against my bare chest climbing into bed with her next to me as I rub her small back kissing her neck biting it gently as my fangs glide into her skin smirking tasting her sweet delicious blood in my mouth, running my hand down her small body. "I love you so much Violet goodnight my love." "Goodnight Jake I love you so much too." I pull her close to me cuddling with her as we drift off to sleep.    

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