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Oct 1, 2019, 02:29 AM 501 read

MJ's Poem Of The Day EP 15

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Hiya Guys & Dolls,   MJ here I am super excited to be sharing my poems with everyone here on Moot. I truly hope you all enjoy my poetry series. I will be linking where it is originally posted for reference and to prove that I wrote it. Anywhoo I hope you all have a fantabulous day and I shall catch y’all in my next post!   ~MJ Out!     My lover bathes me in his precious light. I am the Earth to his all-giving sun. His needs are burned away in serving mine, Consumed in the production of his love. In my awe I'm sometimes forced to wonder: How can such sweet radiance be sustained? So selfless is the self in need of need, So much in love with giving me his precious love Still, the sun requires no return. Light and life come humbly from its fire. And so I worship him as did the ancients, Grateful for the gift of being near. #Tapas.io

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