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Aug 27, 2019, 04:15 AM 492 read

MJ's Poem of The Day Episode 9

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Hiya Guys & Dolls,   MJ here I am super excited to be sharing my poems with everyone here on Moot. I truly hope you all enjoy my poetry series. I will be linking where it is originally posted for reference and to prove that I wrote it. Anywhoo I hope you all have a fantabulous day and I shall catch y’all in my next post!   ~MJ Out!   Come to me alone Bring your heart I'll hold it near Showing love unknown Have no doubts Have no fear For I am real Let me hold you Erase the pain Years of hatred gone Never again A harsh word spoken That's over and done For I am freedom Share with me Words so dear Imagination soaring Filled with magic As you speak My heart is overflowing For I am fascinated Look in my eyes See my soul Touch me deep inside I'll give to you my all Anything and everything You'll never want for more For I am passion Feel for me All I feel for you Share my life with you Stay forever safe and sure No other is as true to thee Shelter of your heart I'll be For I am love Let me in Where I've always wanted To be that close to you Hide no more Open your inner door I'll honor you forever more For I am the ONE #Tapas.io

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