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MJ's Poem of The Day Episode 7

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Hiya Guys & Dolls,   MJ here I am super excited to be sharing my poems with everyone here on Moot. I truly hope you all enjoy my poetry series. I will be linking where it is originally posted for reference and to prove that I wrote it. Anywhoo I hope you all have a fantabulous day and I shall catch y’all in my next post!   ~MJ Out!   Your tongue burns my cool skin like molten flame, As you pierce my soul I silently scream your name, I kiss your lips and taste your bloodied soul, Feel the blood engorge us and make our love whole, You come to me silently on wings of blackest night, Consuming my heart with your dark lover's bite. Joyously my blood gushes forth and splashes your face, As my fevered body you now so passionately embrace, My soul sings your black desires in endless refrain, My dark angel lover you make pleasure such sweet pain.   #Tapas.io

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    that was good

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    awesome X3