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Aug 10, 2019, 02:23 AM 643 read

MJ's Poem of the Day Episode 6

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Hiya Guys & Dolls,   MJ here I am super excited to be sharing my poems with everyone here on Moot. I truly hope you all enjoy my poetry series. I will be linking where it is originally posted for reference and to prove that I wrote it. Anywhoo I hope you all have a fantabulous day and I shall catch y’all in my next post!   ~MJ Out!   I am often accused of being wise, I am just as often accused Of having an inner beauty That people can trust their life on. I do not know about these things, I simply have an insight Slightly keener then the rest of them. I am often accused of having Great potential that I personally Do not see inside myself. I simply do what I do As it feels right for me to do it. And with all these accusations I would find myself here, Alone in the darkest regions Of the mind, with you … Having you pressed against The wall with my hand Wrapped around your throat, Your hands tied behind your back So that I can have my way. How easily you could ruin me, How so like you that you would Just to demonstrate a point to me And anyone else who fail In understanding. How easily you could kill And still … I dare to imagine A dark hidden place Where I have dominion, I have your face Pressed beneath a hungry kiss.   #Tapas.io

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  • EmyR6 Recruit LV.24 Wolf Aug 10, 2019, 02:37 AM

    I actualy find my self in some of this , Good job keep going ☺️😉

  • ᰽Kaylene᰽ LV.26 Witch Aug 10, 2019, 03:32 AM

    thank you very much ☺️