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MJ's Poem of the Day Episode 5

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Hiya Guys & Dolls,   MJ here I am super excited to be sharing my poems with everyone here on Moot. I truly hope you all enjoy my poetry series. I will be linking where it is originally posted for reference and to prove that I wrote it. Anywhoo I hope you all have a fantabulous day and I shall catch y’all in my next post!   ~MJ Out!   In the shadows, I long for death, I welcome it, like an old friend. Like an old friend, I hope you’ll come, I still cant find you, so now i’m alone. Alone in the house, sitting by a wall, I stare out a window, thinking nothing at all. Thinking nothing at all, I watch the rain, I still hold you in my heart, and there you’ll always be. There you’ll always be, among the pieces left, it was broken before, but now its dead. Now it’s dead, and torn apart, it was once pure, but now I own a black heart. I own a black heart, cold as ice; I loved you so much, but hated our fights. I hated our fights, and how you’d scream, I hated the life, that I was living. I was living, in a dream, from which ill never wake up, or stop breathing. Breathing heavy, I watch the rain, but then my temples pound, I fill up with pain. I fill up with pain, and all of my fears, never stopping, I cry my tears. I cry my tears, looking at a picture of you, I wonder, was our love ever true? Was out love ever true, or was it a lie, a lie that grew, and multiplied. Multiplied, just like the pills, the pills I took, to end my life in this world. To end my life, to end the pain, to end the nightmares, it never ends. It never ends, only starts, just like the breaking, of young hearts. Young hearts, don’t always mend, sometimes they’re broken, till it all ends. Till it all ends, ill have this pain, this black heart, all of this that means nothing. All of this that means nothing, all of this which no one cares, all of this that was never there. Never there, like your love, the hurtful truth, you held up. You held up, all I knew, all I cared for, and put my life into. I put my life into, everything about "us", I gave it all, but nothing was returned. Nothing was returned, when u left, you stole my heart, just like when we met. Just like when we met, i’m still here, shivering in the cold, shedding my tears. Shedding my tears, my mind plays my thoughts; all are of you, every single one. Every single one, every single place, whenever you leave me, its like a slap in the face. A slap in the face, a fist to my chest, you just keep leaving, and it hurts. It hurts, to see u there, with that young girl on your lap, fingers in her hair. Fingers in her hair, whispering in her ear, I keep watching, as I shed a tear. I shed a tear, it rolls down my face, it seems like, somebody’s taken my place. Somebody’s taken my place, taken your love, your so happy with her, but with me your not. With me your not, the same at all, she’s your lover, i’m your doll. I’m your doll, high upon the shelf, i’m meant for you, and no one else. No one else, knows i’m there, no one else, seems to care You seem to care, with her close by, you seem to care, when she cries. When she cries, you hold her tight; you keep her close, for all the night. For all the night, I lay in bed, I lay crying, with a pillow over my head. With a pillow over my head, i’m ready for death, i’m ready to leave you, and with that new girl you have. With that new girl you have, with the love you give, I hope you have a better life, with me not in it. With me not in it, with me not there, the life you own, would be better. It would be better, you wouldn’t have pain, you’d be perfectly fine, with your girlfriend. With your girl friend, on your lap, shed fall asleep against your chest, and take a nap. Shed takes a nap, and you’d watch her sleep, you’d stare at her angel face, just like you did to me. Just like you did to me, you’d make her cry, but you’d make it all better, even if it took all night. Even if it took all night, id watch you both, I’d watch you, in the shadows. In the shadows, I long for death, I welcome it, like an old friend   #Tapas.io

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