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One of my Absolute Favorites

The Red queen series by Victoria Aveyard.

I have read the first book about 5 times or so and have read the sequel a few times. I'm rereading the trilogy before I start the fourth one. I am about to order the next book to add to my collection. Books in order: •Red Queen(1st/Novel) •Cruel Crown(Steel Scars+Queen Song)(Novella) •Glass Sword(2nd/Novel) •King's Cage(3rd/Novel) •War Storm(4th/Novel •Broken Throne(Final Installment/Short Stories)

Others: •Red Queen: The Official Coloring Book(Don't judge, I'm a collector of this series)

ⓢⓟⓞⓘⓛⓔⓡ ⓕⓡⓔⓔ ⓘⓝⓕⓞ 💯\(^o^)/ So this series is about a dystopian world in which there are two types of people: reds and silvers. They have different colors of blood signifying whether they are an elite or a slave. The silver bloods are gifted with powers and they call themselves gods. The red bloods are what your typical human would be, but they are enslaved by the silvers to work for them with little comfort or reprieve. In the first installment, Red Queen, the protagonist Mare Barrow is introduced as a red slum girl who steals to keep herself and her family fed. Now, there is an ongoing war between the Nortan king (the country where Mare lives), and The Lakelands king (North of Norta). The author has made a map of what the different countries look like. Norta is a distorted replica of what the northeast United States almost looks like while the Lakelands border the top half.

This war has been going on for about a century, and for reds, it's where majority go. Many even die on the battle field. Once you turn 18 and if you don't have a job as an apprentice, you are conscripted and forced to join the war. This starts many problems for Mare. Since this is part of the back information on the first book, I will share it. This book series is propelled by the rare instance of Mare being a red blood, but harnessing the powers only a silver should have. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. If you are unsure, take a shot at it, just make sure you RΣΔD PΔST CHΔPTΣR 8 until you make a final decision. Thanks for reading till the end! As always, I wish everyone a wonderful and blessed day 💓✌

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