Anyone, Yes? No, Maybe, So..? 🎷

Hello! I haven't posted in a while (my opinion.) But I have a question. Would you like me to record myself playing the Saxophone? I know, I learned at a young age! I was just very curious. I don't play perfect, just wanted to give you a taste. I will play this after a while from now. Remember! I have to recover.. I can play "Mary Had a Little Lamb, " "Cowboy Cattle Drive, " Victors March, " My favorite "Pink Panther, " And more. Comment any songs that You would like me to play. These songs sound tough, but really if you know how to read Music! B. I. N. G. O! If the song you commented is something I never played, I'll look it up on YT and see how complex it is.

Thank you for your time in reading this! 💛

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Drift Mask Drawing!

Soooo, because of the artistic prowess of two certain Mooters (PacifistPanda and Bear^^ 😁), I was inspired to draw something of my own. It's not my best so brace yourselves lol. Btw, I didn't have pink so I had to use red.

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I hate spiders

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WW2 Outfits

From left to right : Name , where from , outfit
Mercy, from Overwatch , Wehrmacht medic
Genji , from Overwatch , Japanese soldier in Guadalcanal 1942
Me , from (error) , Wehrmacht Fallschirmjäger Italian front 1943
Tracer , from Overwatch , British paratrooper 1944
Soldier , from TF2 , US army AT (anti tank) specialist
Engineer , from TF2 , US army Engineer

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POPULAR Drawing! (TomatoHead)

Drew this the other night while staying up. Took maybe 4 hours for this. What other skin should I attempt drawing?

As Always...Smile and Be Positive :)

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POPULAR Any Billie Eilish fans?

I love her, I literally listen to her everyday.

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The Fault in Our Stars...

I’m crying rn hold up

If you haven’t watched this then please do
The last 20 Minutes was the part I would weeping at.
It’s so sad

Please watch this..
Love you all!


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What's your favorite movie

Mine is This Is The End

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POPULAR Favourite TV Show

Mine has to be The Big Bang Theory

What’s yours?

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The Evolution of RGB

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What song gives you nostalgia?

My father used to play this for me all the time. It just sounds so calming. Great memories from when life was easy.

Not Celtic btw just happens to be a Celtic song

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Thanos Razor

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Baby raccoon drawing

I'm extremely proud of myself and appreciate my teacher for showing techniques before this so yeah, I hope yall like it! (Also why did people dislike my "Bunny drawing" and "More pictures" post? Just curious if yall just didn't like my pictures and drawings or if it was something else). (Also sorry if picture is low quality!)
Edit: almost forgot about a signature, sorry artwatch

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Updated my best fanart

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A guitar solo I learned

Sorry it doesn't sound great but bonus points if you can recognize what song it's from

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Guess this song

I know it isn't that clear but you will have to deal with it. Ask me if u need a hint.

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I'm sorry but

If you don't like Space Dandy then we can't be friends. I've seen it like 7 times and I wanna watch it another 100 times more I love it

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POPULAR New banner art for Raene

So Cuddles Is running a banner competitive for her new moot. I was kindly asked if I wanted to take part so here is my entry. (Tap for more)

Yes, I know there is more than 3 but like I said to Cuddles, it is hard - as a designer- to not make lots of samples before making a final piece. Ill let cuddles decided which ones she wants to choose as the entry as they are for her. (Hope you like them - I took a different style approach from the last ones)

Which one is your favourite?

Lemme know your thoughts, also ill be live streaming on twitch now if you wanna check it out (link in bio)


Moot ruined the quality 💔

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POPULAR Art ideas?

So I've finished all my exams and now I'm free for the next 11 weeks. I haven't drawn in a month and I reeeeaaaally need to start practicing again, so if you have any ideas on what to draw it would really help!! If they turn out well I might post them!

Please let me know down in the comments any ideas that you may have〜♡



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Just another night with the lads 🤙🏻


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POPULAR Moot Caption Contest #36

Happy Monday everyone! We're terribly sorry the caption contest had to take a week off, but with E3 last week we just didn't have the time to spare. FRET NOT, because we're back!
Welcome to the 35th Moot Caption Contest, where we are challenging you to come up with the best caption for the below image. By now you know the drill: FIVE winners, first place gets 500 Moot Coins and four runner-ups will receive 100 Moot Coins each. This week's contest feature's Team Rocket in celebration of Moot's first Rocket League tournament!
Check out this week's Rocket League tournament and join here!
HERE IS THIS WEEK'S IMAGE. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR CAPTION IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. THE WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN BY TEAM MOOT. The contest will be open to everyone until 4pm PDT this Sunday! Submit your clever captions in the comments below (don't be shy)! Good luck! 😎 PS: CHECK THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST TO SEE WHO WON LAST WEEK.
Last week's caption contest got some great submissions, but there can be only one winner. After much internal deliberation, the Moot team has chosen a winner! The winner of last week's official Moot Caption Contest is....
drumroll please...
Mathfailure1212! Congratulations Mathfailure1212, you will receive your prize within 48 hours. Here is Mathfailure1212's winning submission.
And our FOUR second place winners for last week are the following:
To view the rest of last week's submissions click here:
Note: Winner will be determined by Team Moot based on creativity and amount of giggles generated. The highest amount of upvotes does not necessarily mean you will be selected as the winner. Winners will be announced next Monday!

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Well call me a bot🤖

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POPULAR -1- Memes😂

Bath bombs

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Cursed image #5

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POPULAR So uhm ... why does no one talk about how hot Ken Kaneki is ?

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POPULAR Smart man🙂🙂

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When you see a “In a relationship” post

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Song of the Week (6/10) - Get to Heaven (Everything Everything)

This week's #SotW features British rock band Everything Everything. Get to Heaven is the title track off their third album which is quite simply one of the best rock albums of the decade. Like much of the album, Get to Heaven features gorgeous, lush instrumentation with wide-ranging vocals that results in an absolutely ethereal sonic experience. Because of this, I highly recommend listening to this song with some decent headphones and with minimal background noise so that you can fully appreciate all the small little sounds that contribute to make overall sound and feel of the song. If you like this song, I highly recommend checking out the entire Get to Heaven album with some of my recommendations being Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread, Regret, and To the Blade.

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