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Aug 17, 2019, 05:15 AM 71 read

Thoughts on Leaks?


Anthony Fantano recently released a video reviewing the leaked version of Kanye's planned upcoming album "Yandhi." The leaked version is extremely unfinished, with many verses not even containing real words (just placeholder sounds to get a flow down).   The big concern when it comes to leaking music is that the artist will decide to scrap the entire project because the public has already "heard" the songs. This is especially true when you consider an unfinished project like this because there's still so much work to do and so much room left in the creative process. I really hope that doesn't happen in this situation because some of these demo tracks are incredible and it would be a crying shame if we never got to hear their full potential.   What are your thoughts on leaked music? Should people listen to it or not? When prominent people in the industry like Anthony Fantano bring light to leaks does it help or hurt? Curious what you all think..   Here's his review if you wanna check it out:

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