I love this song

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New beat :)

Here's the finished Ramirez type beat
Listen to WORTHLESS (Ramirez Type Beat) by Cryptic on #SoundCloud

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Some Miami beats 🏖️

I've been having alot of fun making some Florida rap beats lately. Mostly because I've been listening to alot of Ramiraz (you should go check him out on Spotify) anyway here's a beat I started today. I'll post the SoundCloud link in a couple days when the beat is finished

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Situation here is HM King George V on HMS Queen Elizabeth( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o), July 1918.


An All Star parody that makes no sense at all

[Verse 1]
Some badger once told me that I was a tomato
I ain't no shark who bit of an arm
She was walking to Mcdonald's to get a bunch of Big Macs
And throw the toilet out the window

Well, the rain starts coming and it doesn't stop coming
I have a gun so you better start running
Didn't make sense not to make a pun
Why can't we all just have some fun?
Hey, there's the sun and there's the rain
Could you please get rid of my back pain
You gotta learn how to use a bow
It only hurts if you die slow

Hey now, you're a retard
Get outta here, you scrub
Hey now, you're a great lad
Now get back to the pub
And all those people are old
Only shooting stars cannot fold

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Low-key so proud rn

I FINALLY after months figured out how to play ghostemane's carbomb on guitar today!
I'll try to learn all of it so I can play a cover of that song for you guys soon! :)

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Song of the Week (10/15) - People (Yellow Days)

This week's #SotW features soul singer Yellow Days. His soulful vibe and powerful voice are the focal point of the song which places most of its emphasis on its lyrics.

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Saw BLS on the 2nd.

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I made a new beat :)

I've been after a suicide boys sound for a while and I think I got it I'm this beat! Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Listen to "HUNT" ($uicideBoy$ Type Beat) by Cryptic on #SoundCloud

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What's your favorite song?

Right now my favorite is Souk Eyes by Gorillaz it's just so amazing and I'm really hooked on it. I swear this is my new music drug.

Souk Eyes - Gorillaz

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Give me some music to listen to

Give me some music you want me to listen and while your at it if you want to you can listen to my playlist of my favorite songs from Gorillaz and maybe you get hooked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Remember the guy I said that have swagger? This is behind the scenes swagger...

Still amazes me it was done with ballerinas, choreography, and how the camera angles are done... So yeah... Swagger behind the scenes...

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Love this song 💜

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October spooks #|___| very scary

KILLY - Very Scary

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SPF song of the day

I like love songs too.


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Help a gamer out? :>

I’m getting tired of listening to the same music over and over again ( ˙-˙ ) Do any of you guys and gals got any music you would recommend me? C: If so I’d appreciate it if you would comment it down below! ^-^

*wispers* I’ll give you a cookie ;3

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If you know this song your amazing

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Pitchfork's Top 200 Songs of the 2010's

Pitchfork just released their "200 Best Songs of the 2010's" list. Music is subjective and all but my list would certainly look a lot different than the one they came up with. While I do love a lot of these songs, there are some pretty glaring omissions and just bizarre placements in the rankings. What do you think about the list? Here's the top 10:
1. Kendrick Lamar: “Alright” (2015)
2. Grimes: “Oblivion” (2012)
3. Robyn: “Dancing on My Own” (2010)
4. Beyoncé: “Formation” (2016)
5. Frank Ocean: “Thinkin Bout You” (2012)
6. Azealia Banks: “212” (2011)
7. Mitski: “Your Best American Girl” (2016)
8. Solange: “Cranes in the Sky” (2016)
9. Lana Del Rey: “Video Games” (2011)
10. Lil Uzi Vert: “XO TOUR Llif3” (2017)
Did your favorite make the cut?
You can see the full list of the top 200 here:

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Song of the Week (10/7) - Knight (Earl Sweatshirt)

This week's #SotW features critically acclaimed rapper and member of the Odd Future collective, Earl Sweatshirt. Paired with fellow OF member Domo Genesis, lines like "I'd like to send a shout to the fathers that didn't raise us" set the tone over a simple, soul-sampled beat.

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Wonderwall but I tried not to butcher it

I tried hard on learning this but it's still not the greatest

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Song of the Day!!

Here's one of my favorite songs I love listening on Spotify. Lots of meaning to it.

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SPF song of the day

For those that didn’t know, Poppy dropped the first single from their upcoming album last night and the song is ULTRA catchy.
-I’m going to have this song stuck in my head for weeks.-

Watashi wa anata ni doi shimasen –  わたしはあなたにどういしません。


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Get ready for the song of the week

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October spooks #3 : Catchy song : Pumpking hill zone

No scary video rn but this song a is a spooky Halloween vibe, banger track

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SPF song of the day

This is a band I’ve only just gotten into but I absolutely LOVE their sound and overall aesthetic.


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Zeds dead baby..

No caption needed.. my song of the day!

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Song of the Week (9/30) - No Rain (Blind Melon)

This week's #SotW is pure 90's bliss. The timeless opening line "All I can say is that my life is pretty plain," combined with the groovy, upbeat guitar melodies and soft harmonies, No Rain is undoubtedly a song that stands the test of time.

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So Kanye did NOT drop an album this weekend

I wouldn't say I'm exactly shocked or devastated or anything like that, but I'm certainly disappointed. The amount of times Yandhi/Jesus is King has been delayed is actually unreal. I don't think the delays are nearly as bad as the lack of communication. Obviously the album is ready in some capacity if he's already done a couple live listening parties. I sure hope it's worth the wait (if it ever comes out that is).

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I’m not very active on Moot.

So, I’ve decided to increase my number of posts by sharing one song I listen to every week on Sunday. The first one will be “Nightmare”, by Halifax. It’s less edgy than it sounds, trust me. Hope you enjoy! If the link isn’t working, just copy and paste it into your browser.

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SPF song of the day 💙🖤

If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to choose a band to cover Blue on Black I honestly would’ve picked Five Finger Death Punch.... (not that I’m necessarily a fan of theirs but their style of music is very similar in my opinion, one heavier than the other obviously) if you’ve never heard the original Kenny Wayne Shepherd song I highly recommend that one as well.


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