Favorite songs to play while driving?

What are some of your favorite songs for cruising on the road?

LV.21 Poppin’ Bottles! 14h

This one always gets me going!

⚠️Warning: You will speed while playing this.

LV.11 Rare Candy 18h

Music Recommendations!

Hey people, I've been wanting to expand my sphere of music since I just replay the same songs over and over again lol. So I wanted to ask what are your 5 favorite songs of all time? If you cant decide you can list more than 5. Thanks again for your contribution! ☆

LV.2 Lurker 18h

SPF song of the day!

This is a live performance of the song Drown as preformed by Bring Me The Horizon from the Royal Albert Hall in London, England.
Drown is a song that can bring a tear to my eye, and this particular performance is incredibly moving due to the haunting harmony from the choir. It also touched me when the camera panned over the audience and I could see people weeping and singing along.

Comment your thoughts or links to any songs this reminds you of 💜🥳

LV.23 Mod 18h

🎵Song of The Day🎵

~ Let it roll- Divide the Day

LV.13 Dub Collector 21h

Mash music

Please check out!

LV.2 Lurker 1d

SPF song of the day💜

My musical taste is highly varied! I listen to mostly metal, EDM, and post-hardcore/emo jams of the 2000’s
I’ll be posting covers of songs I like and remixes as well as songs I consider classic👌🏻

This song is “Talk is overrated” by Jeremy Zucker
Its the song you can see me singing in my PFP gif 💜 “hear me out, I’m saying, talk is overrated let’s just vibe”

I really like the over all feel of the song, chill beat and I personally relate a lot to the lyrics.

Drop a comment and let me know your thoughts!
Also comment links to any songs this reminds you of because I might like it💜

LV.23 Mod 1d

🎵Song of The Day🎵

~ Dead or Alive- Get scared

They're a solid band in general and this is just one of they're many good songs.

LV.13 Dub Collector 2d

Lil baby

LV.4 Lurker 2d

Song of the Week (4/15) - Rocket Man (Elton John)

This week's #SotW features legendary singer-songwriter Elton John. One of his most iconic songs, Rocket Man tells the story of a young astronaut who his forced to leave home and go to space, explaining that while he risks his life and must leave his family behind to seek betterment for mankind, people no longer revere astronauts and think of them as heroes.

LV.21 Poppin’ Bottles! 3d

Song of the day

So I’m gonna start doing my personal song of the day. And it’s gonna be a little different Bc my personal taste is rap, r&b and etc. I don’t see that a lot so why not share it? My song for today is “Walk (Remix)” By Comethazine & A$AP Rocky. I picked this song because it makes me feel invincible. When I’m paying the song no one can talk to me, I’m in my own zone, and if I’m in the car? Oh yea I’m definitely speeding. The beat of the song is amazing anyways. People don’t like rap because they always cuss but honestly, I’m always cussing anyways so it’s like a second language (Ik that’s bad) but you should really check out that song. It’s a great song.

LV.5 Clearly Hacking 3d

🎵Song of The Day🎵

Alright, different genre for once. Billie Ellish is just an amazing artists and she's re-defining pop today. My personal favorite album is Don't Smile At Me but they're all good.

~Party Favor- Billie Ellish

LV.13 Dub Collector 3d

🎵Song of the Day🎵

Sorry I didn't get one out yesterday, it completely slipped my mind since I was so busy. But this time it's more a band of a day then just one song. New Year's Day is my favorite band so you definitely should check them out.

~ I'm no Good- New Year's Day

LV.13 Dub Collector 4d

New beats coming soon!

LV.16 Wizard 5d

25 year Anniversary 🥰

It’s been 25 years officially since Hole released the album Live Through This. To celebrate, here is one of my favorite live clips of Courtney Love being a badass rebel grunge babe.

The iconic stage dive of 1995, it is rumored this dress sold for over $50,000 at private auction! Yeah talk about rags to riches! The crowd all but tore the clothing and hair off her, not to mention a few other aggressive touches. Courtney’s official advice about women stage diving was simply “don’t wear a skirt”

Keep Kurt out of it, Do you love or hate Courtney Love?

LV.23 Mod 5d

New Anderson Paak album "Ventura" out now!

Anderson Paak just released his new album "Ventura" today! Anderson Paak gets back to his soulful roots and absolutely delivers on this album. I absolutely loved Malibu but Oxnard was just okay for me. Ventura goes back to those Malibu vibes and hits home runs on jam after jam. Here's the first track of the album, "Come Home":

LV.21 Poppin’ Bottles! 6d

🎵Song of the Day🎵

One of my all time favorite songs

~Riot- Three Days Grace

It's another rock song but I think I might throw in a different genre tomorrow 👀

LV.13 Dub Collector 6d

🎵Song of the Day🎵

I listen to a lot of music, usually rock, so I might as well share some of my own music. Maybe y'all will find one you like.

∆Kick Me- Sleeping with Sirens∆

LV.13 Dub Collector 7d

New Freddie Gibbs and Madlib album "Bandana" coming next month!

The long awaited second collaboration project between Freddie Gibbs and legendary producer Madlib is coming in May! Their first album "Pinata" is one of the best rap albums of all time so hype is through the roof with this announcement. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us with Bandana.

LV.21 Poppin’ Bottles! 8d

New beat available to listen to now. 😏

LV.16 Wizard 8d

Nice Finish to (Flexx Gotti) Dubs

LV.3 Lurker 9d

Song of the Week (4/8) - Chlorine (twenty one pilots)

This week's #SotW features twenty one pilots, a musical duo from Colombus, Ohio that has taken the world by storm. Chlorine has seen a lot of radio play recently so it's likely you may have heard it before. Normally we do less well-known songs for the Song of the Week, but in keeping true with our commitment to variety, I think it's important to still recognize when a song is great independently of how popular it is.

LV.21 Poppin’ Bottles! 10d

Listen to the song created by me to Moot

LV.18 Good Leader 10d

Is this good? Just wondering...

LV.2 Lurker 10d

What do you guys think???

LV.16 Wizard 10d

Fave Anime OST??

Mine is crossing field by LiSA from sao

LV.19 Dragon 11d

What is your favorite song atm??🎧🎧 🎶 🎶

Mine rn is No Sleep by martin garrix ft bonn ➕✖️

LV.19 Dragon 14d

POPULAR Favorite Genre Of Music?

When you listen to music, are you the kind of person who listens to only one genre? Or are you the kind of person who listens to all kinds, no matter what? An example of Music genres are Rock N' Roll, Oldies, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Alternative, and the list goes on. But what I want to know is, what is your favorite genre of music? I'll go ahead and say what mine is and I mainly have about 3 of them. They are Rock N' Roll, Classic Rock (70's and 80's) and Oldies (50's and 60's). The comments are open for discussion!

verified LV.34 Mod 14d

Coming up with a melody 😬

How’s it sounding so far??

LV.16 Wizard 14d


I challenge you to type a lyric from a song that totally gives away the song WITHOUT using the artist name or the title of the song!
For example:

Ok! Now it’s your turn!
Comment below with your lyrics and try to guess my song or anyone else’s !

LV.23 Mod 15d