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Oct 19, 2019, 01:48 AM 207 read

Saw Joker, Here's what I think, Won't you even listen?

Will Joker was a pretty interesting movie... I Definitely like it!!!!!! To me the characters can be relatable and at some moments sympathetic... And even though I expected things to go a little different as I was watching the movie, it was a great story to how, is joker because who he is... So Yeah, To me it's a great movie, but try not to expect many things just take the movie for how it is... If your expecting a bloodbath non-stop slaughter then this is not the movie for you... I know many people compare this joker to the one from the dark knight, but Idk... Both are great for there own movies there were in, I can understand why they do, but in the end it's pretty subjective.... I just have one more question and it's about him dancing in the stairs, was he always dancing by himself, I thought the trailer and a meme showed he was dancing with someone in a black suit? If u know please let me know... A special message for joke if you want to look at it... All I got, Remember People, That's life...✌️

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