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Wow another Anime Review: Anohana the flower we saw that day


As always I stole the idea kinda from moot.us/oasis

so check him out. But on with the review. Anohana is another sad as fuck anime because I like feeling pain. It follows the protagonist Jinta “Jintan” Yadomi in an adventure to clear his demons which have manifested into a “summer beast” come back to haunt him. The story is very good and I enjoyed it a lot. Animation Quality: Nothing to write home about. Wasn’t really bad but never had shots where I said “oh my god how can humans even do that” Story Quality: The story is quite sad and really bittersweet at the end. Negatives: Some of the characters I would like to go up to and snap their necks. Some of them are the people I have liked the least ever as they play the game of “lets fuck around the the emotionally scarred kid.” They actually make you wonder how humans can be that bad even in media. Cringe Factor: I definitely couldn’t watch every episode straight through because there would usually be something so cringe worthy I would just have to stop watching like the segment would be genuinely hard to watch. It’s like watching a train wreck but you have the choice to look away. Final Thoughts: Very good anime but not everyone’s taste. Wouldn’t recommend to get started in anime but you know over all pretty good. Final rating: 6.5/10

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