Favourite show?

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Geralt and Roach

They're looking awesome in the new Witcher tv series🔥

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Carnival Row • Official Trailer


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Rick and Morty season 4

Any one keen on the new season of Rick and Morty? 😍

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What To Watch On Netflix: August 2019 (Credit goes to Netflix's YouTube Channel for the video)

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Stranger Things Cast Surprises Fans

I geek at this stuff. 😄

Video Link:

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13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (Official Trailer)

Be ready for when the 3rd season of 13 Reasons Why comes your way on August 23rd 2019, available on Netflix. If you haven't watched this show yet, I highly recommend doing so. It's such a great series! (Credit goes out to Netflix's Official YouTube Channel)

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Brian is Back!

Brian went to Barcelona last week to compete in a Magic: the Gathering Mythic Championship! Check out this update to see how he did.

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🔞 my favorite TV show.

I feel bad for you if you haven’t watched It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
(You’re not supposed to like the main characters unless you have a sick sense of humor)
Just wanted to share this in case anyone was curious what kind of comedy it is. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the 14th season.

Who is your favorite It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Character?

(If you wanted to pick Dee, comment “SHUT UP BIRD!” below)

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Jack Ryan • Season 2 Teaser


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The Witcher • Teaser Trailer

I don’t know how I missed this one... but we have official teaser trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher:

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Another Life • Trailer

Premieres today! It lives! And as a Battlestar Galactica fan, I’ll pretty much watch anything with Katee Sackhoff in it. Anywho, here’s the trailer:

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Netflix TV show adaptation of Dark Crystal drops August 30th 😱

Am I a super big dork if I’m excited for this?

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Who all watches Arrow

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Finished the Netflix Show, "Blown Away"

Blown Away is a show about 10 glass makers competing for $60k and residency at some famous and fancy glass museum.

While the show was awesome, the ending was so weak and you could tell the winner won because one of the judges was clearly biased towards their artwork and concept. 🙄

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Anyone else watch the dragon prince?

I think it's a really good show. I just started it last week and in already in season 2.

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Has anyone seen the From Dusk Till Dawn series?

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Westworld | Season 3 • SDCC Trailer


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His Dark Materials • SDCC Trailer

Between this and Watchmen alone, I think HBO has plenty to excite us with post- Game of Thrones.


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Watchmen • SDCC Trailer

So, very hyped. This looks fantastic.

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Halo tv series 2020

Live action tv series that will air on Showtime. The production started in June 2019, and the show will air 2020. The show will include Master Chief who will be played by actor Pablo Schreiber.

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Favorite Power Ranger Show

What was your favorite power ranger show growing up?

Mine was Power Ranger SPD and Power Ranger Mystic Force.

I am currently watching Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.

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Anybody remember this animated show on the internet


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So i finally finished the death note 2015 drama series

Personally, after watching the anime for the first time I was intrigued, the psychological warfare between 2 distinct characters, the timely themes of pure good vs pure evil, the atmosphere and everything else about the anime was pure suspense, adrenaline and sometimes...Dread, it kept me hooked, it kept me guessing, it shocked me, after the final episode I was left feeling almost uneasy, not in a bad way necessarily but because I was following light’s journey through the series, his slow and terrifying transformation into the sociopathic/psychopathic would be god “Kira” who’s sole objective is to rid the world of evil and create “ a peaceful world free of crime.”

While I can identify with light’s motives for desiring peace, he went about it the wrong way and in the end it cost him everything, his friends, his family, his sanity and ultimately his life... and that was the anime(I haven’t read the manga yet but I will soon), fast forward a few months later and I’m messing around on VRV and I see death note again and thought “hey they got death note, nice I can watch it again.” But this wasn’t the anime, instead it was a live action drama series that i didn’t even know existed😂, so as soon as I started watching I immediately picked up on some differences between the drama and the anime, like for example, in the anime the detective know as “L” is barefooted, and eats a lot of sweets

However in the drama series he’s wearing shoes and you don’t really see him chowing down on sweets, at first I thought “eh no big deal”, then there was the famous potato chip scene that didn’t hold up as much in the drama unlike the anime where it was dramatic and there was meaning behind it, aside from those changes and many others it was still the same plot as the anime all the way down to the final episode, so after watching the drama I’ve come to the conclusion that while it’s not the same as the anime or could’ve added more from the anime onto the drama it’s not an entirely bad series, I still had fun watching it, it was somewhat predictable at some parts but was still good, I’ll still prefer the mind fuckery and cat and mouse battles the anime had to offer and will go down as my second all time favorite anime, so if you’ve seen the anime and are interested in checking out a legit live action version( and not that piece of shit that’s got a Netflix trampstamp on it) give this 2015 drama a try, you probably won’t be disappointed maybe you will 🤷🏾‍♂️, but it’s at least worth watching.

Review by fellow black nerd/otaku,

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(**I don’t think that this counts as spoilers BUT just in case, and so nobody yells at me, here’s a warning I guess) Basically if you haven’t watched Stranger Things 3 you probably won’t understand how heart-wrenching this scene was... UGH THIS SEASON WAS JUST SO DANG GOOD. 😭♥️

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Stranger things 3 is awesome

Did anyone else have to binge watch season 1 and 2 to catch your friend up?

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If you’ve watched season 3 of Stranger Things, then you know what’s upppp. Alexei is just the cutest thing and is so dang pure 😭✨

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Check it out...

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WARNING: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THE COMMENT SECTION, SO IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED THE SEASON, AND DON’T WANT IT TO BE SPOILED, PLEASE KEEP ON SCROLLING. Okay friends, so I finished season 3 on release day lol, and it’s been about 4 days now so I’m hoping that at least maybe a couple of other people have finished as well? If so, I would love to hear everyone’s opinions and theories of the season, and who was your favourite newly introduced character! Personally I think that this was my favourite season so far, and it tugged at all of my heart strings. Let’s get chattin, mooties! 💕✨

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Rest in Piece❤️❤️❤️❤️

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