Science or Nonsense: Will the DVD logo ever hit the corner?

The propably most iconic scene from the american TV Show "The Office" has unleashed a massive internet hype.

The question is simple: Will the DVD logo ever hit the corner?

The DVD screensaver was invented by the DVD forum and DVD Licensing Corporation and its pattern is actually quite unspectacular:

Usually the logo starts from the top left corner and proceeds in a 45 degree angle with constant speed towards the bottom of the screen. Once it arrived it will bounce off in a 90 degree angle!

According to The Office however there’s a unique instance where the DVD logo perfectly hits the corner following a 180 degree turnaround!

But wait! Before you run onto your attic to dig out your old DVD recorder full of expectations, let me tell you that there’s actually an equation to determine how long it will take for the DVD logo to hit the corner!

All you need is:
- The length and width of your DVD logo and
- The length and with of your TV screen
- The time your DVD logo takes to pass the whole width of your TV screen once

If you watch closely you’ll realize that the TV screen from The Office is about 800x600 pixel, while the logo is 140x140.
In the scene the logo takes an estimated time of 6.0 seconds to pass the width of the TV screen once.

When you put those numbers in the equation below:

You’ll find out that in this scene it takes the logo 138 seconds until it hits the corner!
However the equation is not linear, which means that if for example your screen turns out to be one pixel bigger than the one in The Office it might take your logo 1000x138 seconds to hit the corner!

Disregarding this fact the internet continues to watch their DVD savescreens in anticipation for that one moment!

How about you?
Have you ever witnessed a DVD logo perfectly hitting the corner?
Let us know in the comments!

Happy Mooting!

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DC Universe Standoff

It's not uncommon to see people debate which is better between Marvel and DC, or between the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and DC Extended Universe (DCEU), but I have a slightly different variation here -- and Marvel can stay home this time: Arrowverse VS the DCEU.
^gif unrelated^
Arrowverse essentially began with The CW's Arrow in 2012 and expanded to involve The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and a couple of animated web-series so far. They have quite an expansive multiverse at this point with numerous crossovers both big and small - aside from the usual yearly major crossover event, it's not at all unusual to see characters from one show pop in to help on any other given show. The problem is, with constant expansion of the DCEU, many characters and plotlines in the Arrowverse have been halted in favor of allowing the DCEU to have free reign.
Here, have a video:
On the other side of things, is the cinematic version of things with the DCEU, beginning with 2013's middling Man of Steel. Problem is, most people seemed to hate the follow-ups in 2016 with both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Suicide Squad. The DCEU seemed to be falling apart until Wonder Woman stepped in to save the day, even though the first true Justice League film was not as well liked. Now we have Aquaman becoming the second highest rated in the DCEU! Things are looking up, at long last!
Oh, you want a video here too? Okay, how about the future of the DCEU:
So, where do you stand?

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