Johnnie 'White Walker'

It is a special whiskey that Johnnie Walker and HBO's hit drama 'The Game of Thrones.' White Walker By Jonny Walker is the most notable collaboration by the 200-year-old Johnny Walker brand. The limited edition was inspired by the character "White Walker," the most powerful and feared character in the drama. The popular mid-range "Game of Thrones," which began in 2011, is also the first whiskey collaboration ahead of the eighth season to be released in April 2019. Developed jointly by experts George Harper and Johnny Walker's team, White Walker By Jonny Walker provides the best taste when drunk cold to feel the presence of a well-known white walker with icy blue eyes. White Walker was born in northern Chad and used mature single malt undiluted solution from one of Scotland's northernmost distilleries, Cardieu and Kleinelish.
In particular, the package feels cold winter and frozen ground with Johnny Walker's signature "Striding Man," armed with armor from the Night King. The bottle, which is applied with Zion ink technology that varies with temperature, appears on its side the phrase "WINTER IS HERE" which implies the last season of "Game of Thrones" when the temperature drops.
t has maximized the meaning of collaboration by customizing it to 41.7 degrees with the story of a royal game in which seven dynasties compete over a single iron throne with 40 degrees of alcohol on the label. Unlike other products, White Walker by Jonny Walker is characterized by a soft flavor of caramel, vanilla and fresh fruit. You can taste the best when you drink cold at 1.5 degrees.

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Daredevil Cancelled

You may have heard, or perhaps not, but Netflix has now cancelled yet another Marvel series - leaving only Jessica Jones and The Punisher still standing. After perhaps the best season for any of Netflix’s Marvel shows, Daredevil’s third season will now be the last. The ambitious Defenders series, bringing together all of the main heroes, only received a single season. Iron Fist’s improvements in season two weren’t enough to save it, to no surprise, but Luke Cage’s cancellation was a bit unexpected. Daredevil started the Netflix / Marvel trend, so it being cancelled at its storytelling peak does not bode well for the two remaining series. One of the noted reasons for the current cancellation was in fact that the season ended on such a high note, both within the story and the general reviews. Considering that Jessica Jones season three is currently filming and The Punisher’s second season is finished yet unreleased, it’s quite likely they will be the last. If there’s any hope at all for these heroes in the MCU, it’ll be with Disney’s upcoming streaming service or perhaps a worthy film appearance in the future. Only time will tell...

Regardless if you’ve long since given up on the Netflix Marvel shows, I do at very least highly recommend this last season of Daredevil.


TLDR; Daredevil cancelled, likely signaling the end for the entire Netflix / Marvel venture. Go watch Daredevil season three anyway, it’s well worth it.

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The Walking Rick

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