Anime of the day #1

This is the first anime of the day, guess what it is...

LV.8 Fearless 11h

Orange is the New Black Season 7 Official Trailer

The epic conclusion of the series that changed everything. Orange is the New Black's final season arrives July 26. (Credit goes to Netflix's YouTube Channel for the video)

verified LV.35 Mod 12h

Amazing series

I honestly would recommend watching the serie Chernobyl. It's really gripping and amazingly shot as far as I've gotten. It also just so happens to to be historically accurate. Seriously, what's holding you back.

LV.20 Professional Noob 3d

POPULAR Favourite TV Show

Mine has to be The Big Bang Theory

What’s yours?

LV.22 Wolf 3d

Red ranger is will smith confirmed

LV.23 Warrior 4d

What’s your favorite power ranger series

If you even watched one my would definitely be mystic force it was my childhood I watched it everyday and I found it on Netflix so I’m watching it just wanted to ask because Netflix has so many power ranger series

LV.23 Warrior 4d

Get Ready For Stranger Things Season 3 (S1 & S2 Recap)


If you need a refresher on what happened with Seasons 1 & 2 of Stranger Things, and you want to be ready for when Season 3 heads your way on July 4th, then watch this video! If you haven't yet seen the show and you don't want any spoilers, click or tap away now! (Credit goes to Netflix's YouTube Channel for the video)

verified LV.35 Mod 6d

Stranger Things Season 3 (Final Trailer)

It's almost time. Stranger Things Season 3 comes out on July 4th. Are you ready? (Credit goes to Netflix's YouTube Channel for the video)

verified LV.35 Mod 6d

Must Watch

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season one was extremely entertaining!!!

LV.19 Jumpmaster 15d

What To Watch On Netflix: June 2019 Part 2 (Credit goes to Netflix and their YouTube Channel for the video)

verified LV.35 Mod 15d

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

LV.19 Jumpmaster 20d

POPULAR My Favorite Lucifer Quote

This is definitely one of, if not my all-time favorite, quote from Lucifer. If you have not watched this show, you are missing out! I recommend to all of you that you give this show a try. But I must warn you, you will get hooked real quick! (Also, I made this btw)

verified LV.35 Mod 21d

Missing these days

Nobody: I bet you can‘t screw the race for your entire racing team already in lap 1.

Hamilton and Rosberg: Hold my position!

verified LV.26 Mod 22d

Marvel quotes

verified 24d

Best show 10/10

BEST. SHOW. EVER. That’s all I can say

LV.23 Champion 1mo

Good Omens

I'm in love with the show, very clever and funny, interesting and just fun to watch. Definitely recommend watching!

LV.23 Dream Chaser 1mo

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is my favorite TV show

I’m definitely feeling Dennis 9 today
“Do I looks foolish?”

Which Dennis fits your mood today?

LV.26 Mod 1mo

What are some Comedy/Action shows to watch??

LV.11 Pathfinder Main 1mo

Rewatching my childhood

I still remember the theme song some how

and I watched the halo movies too

LV.23 Warrior 1mo

Game Of Thrones Meme

I don’t actually watch GOT, just found this meme online lol sry if it’s a spoiler but I don’t think it is... 🤷🏻‍♂️😂


LV.25 Champion 1mo

What To Watch On Netflix: June 2019 Part 1 (Credit goes to Netflix and their YouTube Channel for the video)

verified LV.35 Mod 1mo

Orange is the New Black Final Season Begins July 26th (Credit goes to Netflix and their YouTube Channel)

verified LV.35 Mod 1mo

If you hated every second of season 8👇🏻


LV.26 Mod 1mo

DCEU Infinity Wars😭🤣😂

Bums... Couldnt let Marvel have that shine😂

LV.23 Monster 1mo

His Dark Materials


LV.29 Team Rocket 1mo

Ex-WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro Passes Away at 39

This woman, Ashley Massaro, who was most known for just being called Ashley, was a wrestler in WWE. Massaro won the 2005 WWE RAW Divas Search and went on to sign with the company. She was with WWE until July 2008 but made just a few wrestling appearances since then. She had announced in March of this year that she was making a return to wrestling. Not sure how many of you are/were wrestling fans, but I'm sure some of you knew who she was.

Here's also the tweet that WWE tweeted:
We are saddened to learn of the tragic death of former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro. WWE offers its condolences to Ashley’s family and friends.

verified LV.35 Mod 1mo

Anime Shows

I need suggestions for anime shows💙💙💙

verified LV.27 Creeper 1mo

Who's excited abiut rick and morty season 4

LV.11 Pathfinder Main 1mo

Just Watched Lucifer

I herd some really good things about it so i gave it a go and it was really good!

LV.20 Clearly Hacking 1mo

Doing the Full DBZ Series on my YT Channel

Watch "Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Saga" on YouTube

LV.2 Lurker 1mo