Guys wanna speak...

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Sometimes you’re really just to tired to always listen.

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Me when I find someone play on my PS4.

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How people act when you tell them you don’t play fortnite

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why, moot

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Inspiration: MimzyMia Is water wet?

He is why it's not wet


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Daily IG meme #4

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Only the real ones remember

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Somehow all of this stuff on Social Media About Halo Outpost Discovery got me thinking about music

All of these Social Media posts about Halo Outpost Discovery got me thinking about Cortana and Chief and my best friend and the rest of my College friends and those from High School that I knew even when I was in Middle School. Anyway. I decided to make this.

So, my favorite songs are:
• Can’t Blame You by Sterling Knight
• Black Rose by Trapt
• Who Knew by Pink
• Here’s to Us
• 22
• Fifteen
• Taylor Swift songs in general
• Skater Boi
• Avril Lavigne songs in general
• Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here
• Dancing Queen
• Selena Quintanilla Songs
• Landslide
• Go Your Own Way
• Gotta Go My Own Way and High School Musical songs

And the list is longer than that, but I’d be here all day.

Anyway, for this one I specifically picked Cortana and John 117/Master Chief because through all the crazy things that have happened she’s been there by his side no matter what even if it’s not the entire her.

Though specially the song itself I feel like fits with me too. As a 6th grader, I was too afraid to even consider much other than hiding in the library and reading. I was a totally different person, almost like one that doesn’t even exist in reality. As a 7th grader, one of my favorite shows for some odd reason was Jersey Shore and I was afraid of doing any dancing at a school dance. I was afraid to even speak up in 9th grade. I was afraid to even do much of the things that I do like. That changed eventually, but this song actually changed my mind about the Football players and about the Upperclassmen in general.

The first part of it I find so sweet.
“You took my hand
You showed me how
You promised me you’d be around
Uh huh”

To me that part hit me in the feelings hard. I feel like it means something deep, but at the same time it’s a deep that could hurt.

The second part at the beginning also is very sweet at least I think so.
“That’s right
I took your words
And I believed
In everything”
I feel like this part makes a lot of sense at least in connection to action that would be taken later on within the song itself.

The next part that I feel makes a lot of sense is the one right after the second part.
“You said to me
Yeah huh
That’s right”

I feel like that one really makes sense because it’s just so great yet beautiful and at the same time it shows something very much human.

The part after it I felt hit me in the feelings a lot no matter how many times I’ve listened to the song itself.
“If someone said three years from now
You’d be long gone
I’d stand up and punch them out
‘Cause they’re all wrong”
This part just really hits the whole friendship thing hard in a deep way that just gets me thinking about them and it’s just really cool how it goes so deep with so little words.

The last part that I felt made the most sense with this was the one right after the previous part.
“I know better
‘Cause you said Forever
And ever
Who knew”
I felt like it fit perfectly and it was deep enough that it felt real enough that it went deep in that dark and sad way a bit, but deep nonetheless.
The song in general does get me to cry, but at the same time it’s just so amazing to listen to multiple times because it’s one of those songs that just goes to a place that makes everything seem alright in the moment and in memories, but then it hits in the heart in places and it gets you wondering Who Knew what would’ve or could’ve or was going to happen if certain things had been done or if words had been said or if promises you made had been kept and you’d actually continued talking more to certain people that you kept saying you would or if you’d talked to other certain people.

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CaT pAntS to Op

I was drunk posting this 🍻🍻🤝🤝

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What's everyone's favorite Marvel movie?

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I haven't posted here in a while...

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What would your reaction be if you saw this irl?

Me: Uh..okay..

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“Okay that’ll be $35”

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Math problems:

And those are some big ass baguettes.

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*ahem* very...nice..?

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Thighs biting anime thighs.

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Daily IG meme #3


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Meme worthy?

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We're back in black baby

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Very Relatable

I can't relate to this because I'm an only child, but for those that have siblings, you'll definitely find this relatable 👌 (Not my meme btw, full credit goes to @gamingbible on Instagram for the meme)

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(I didn't create this)

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Interesting Title *


Daily IG MEME #2

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When ur mom say that we go to mcdonalds but you actually go visit ur cousins

Excuse me wtf

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Never try against me again

U will suffer from da pain

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When you get high class food

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Can't stop laughing 😂


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