The best of feelings

*not my meme* #memes

LV.22 Fast as Lightning 11d

POPULAR Are you free tomorrow for me? 😅

LV.23 I Love Food 11d

I heard that the Osaka Aquarium stepped up their game 😏

LV.23 I Love Food 11d

POPULAR My grandparents are so proud of me 😅

LV.23 I Love Food 11d

Oh yes

When your grandma dies

LV.6 RIP 12d


This p
This po
This pos
This post
This post t
This post to
This post too
This post took
This post took a
This post took a r
This post took a re
This post took a rea
This post took a real
This post took a reall
This post took a really
This post took a really l
This post took a really lo
This post took a really lon
This post took a really long
This post took a really long t
This post took a really long ti
This post took a really long tim
This post took a really long time
This post took a really long time.

LV.21 Dub Collector 12d

Get this spreading

LV.22 PlayStation 12d

Meme. (Mine)

LV.21 Dub Collector 13d

POPULAR Moot Caption Contest #49

Welcome to the 49th Moot Caption Contest!
The Caption Contest is where we challenge YOU to come up with the best caption for the below image. By now you know the drill: FIVE winners, first place gets 500 Moot Coins and four runner-ups will receive 100 Moot Coins each. This week's image is from the League of Legends World Championship, which wraps up this weekend. If you want to discuss Worlds or anything else related to LoL, check out the game's lounge here on Moot!
Last week's caption contest got some great submissions, but there can be only one winner. After much internal deliberation, the Moot team has chosen a winner! The winner of last week's official Moot Caption Contest is....
drumroll please... Potato Named Žay! Congratulations Potato Named Žay, you will receive your prize within 48 hours. Here is Potato Named Žay's winning submission:
And here are your FOUR second place winners for the last contest:
- Vrolook
- CodyB_fb
- CóòkieRóòkie917
- Billbertthegreat
To view the rest of the last contest's submissions click here:

verified Admin 13d

My friend sent me this one lol

(It isnt really a meme, but I wasn't sure shere else to put it)

LV.28 Gameboy 13d

Daily IG meme# Will sports edition

It all makes sense now why I couldn't beat Matt

LV.24 Fearless 13d

POPULAR My brains to small to understand

LV.25 I Love Food 13d

Every f**king time

LV.23 Insomniac 14d

No such thing.

LV.23 Insomniac 14d

I’ll make a meme for you #1

You just send the pic and tel me what type of meme your going for. Heres some of my work
all are made with mematic but i try to crop out the water mark if I can so send pics and tell me if you want it to be for a certain game or not

LV.25 Try Hard 14d

No Nut November Poem

When the nut was plentiful, when the nut was tender
Because I'm fasting from the nut, I go outside to clear my mind
But I see a nut tree, I see nuts of every kind
And so I began to wonder, if fasting from the nut was a blunder
Should I go crazy? Should I release the thunder?
But oh no, I made a bet that I could resist the nut, and I am not a baller, best believe I'm not paying that 5 dollar
A week left in my journey, for the nut I am yearning
The nut will not bug me, I am not a roly poly
I am a man, the nut will not control me
So December comes blooming, blooming like a daisy
Best believe night of December, ya boy going crazy


Original video:

LV.25 Nightmare 14d


LV.21 S 14d

It’s time for me to burn this post

LV.21 S 14d

They can’t stand it

LV.21 S 14d

Bro my favorite one is on the bottom left

LV.21 S 14d

Boom boom boom

LV.21 S 14d

Oh please no

LV.14 Clearly Hacking 14d

How did i fall for this

LV.20 Wolf 14d

But how didn’t she know that that was her brother

LV.21 S 14d

Well ok hitler

LV.21 S 14d

POPULAR Welp, ima live long

How about you download the countdown timer and see how long you got? 😈

LV.25 Nightmare 14d

POPULAR Anyone else nut in the shower?

I don't, just wondering.

LV.23 Insomniac 15d

POPULAR Santa Claus is bringing the C4s

LV.21 S 15d

NSFW has a new meaning

LV.23 Insomniac 15d



Not a single fucking soul

Loil holding a p90

LV.21 S 15d