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Moot Caption Contest #16

Good days Mooties. We hope you had a nice Mootin Luther King Day Weekend! We took the day off here at Moot HQ, so the caption contest got delayed to today. BUT WE"RE BACK NOW, and we are challenging you to come up with the best caption for the below image. By now you know the drill: FIVE winners, first place gets 500 Moot Coins and four runner-ups will receive 100 Moot Coins each. This week's image is from Resident Evil 2 which releases this week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.   HERE IS THIS WEEK'S IMAGE. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR CAPTION IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. THE WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN BY TEAM MOOT. The contest will be open to everyone until 4pm PDT this Friday! Submit your clever captions in the comments below (don't be shy)! Good luck! 😎 PS: CHECK THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST TO SEE WHO WON LAST WEEK.

Entertainment: Memes - Moot Caption Contest #16 image 2

========================== Last week's caption contest got some great submissions, but there can be only one winner. After much internal deliberation, the Moot team has chosen a winner! The winner of the fifteenth official Moot Caption Contest is....   drumroll please...   LettuceHead3! Congratulations LettuceHead3, you will receive your prize within 48 hours. Here is LettuceHead3's winning submission.

Entertainment: Memes - Moot Caption Contest #16 image 4

And our FOUR second place winners for last week are the following:   -Tahyana J - "sucking up to your little bro after you've hit them too hard" -Laser Beam green - "When your little sister makes you come to her tea party and leaves but you start to have fun" -Kyle Pearson - "All around me are familiar faces!" -Dolfan1973- "When you're being respectful to your squad cause your mom is watching"   Click below to view all of last week's submissions:

Note: Winner will be determined by Team Moot based on creativity and amount of giggles generated. The highest amount of upvotes does not necessarily mean you will be selected as the winner. Winners will be announced next Monday!

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    Team Moot you have a Type. Have should be *hope*

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    Sir, you are under arrest please come with us.

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