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Jan 10, 2019, 12:28 PM 1,367 read

(1/9 - 1/15) Battle of the Minds Contest, Round 5

It's Wednesday my moots! This means new contest with phat stacks of coins up for the taking. My contest is simple, I will present to you a phrase, scenario, or fill-in-the-blank. That's where you come in to provide your answer! To preface, there are no "correct" answers so I look forward to reading what each and every one of you can come up with.   This contest series will be a recurring weekly event that starts every Wednesday and ends on Tuesday the following week at 5:59pm PT/8:59pm ET. So make sure to get your comments submitted below within the time period for it to count.   First prize winner will receive 500 moot coins with up to three runner-up winners receiving 100 moot coins. Upvoting your favorite submission is encouraged, but by no means the sole decider in final results. Be as clever, logical, witty, and/or funny as you wish. Good luck to all contestants!   Provide your answer to the following:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There were some amazing comments for round 4 so I decided to award 2 extra runner-up winners.   Results for round 4: First Prize winner is J. Alfredo Soto   Runner-Ups: AGx_ , BogdanchikNY123 , gatorboy45 , SHADOW Wolves, and Therealdeal2124   Congrats to all who won and good luck next time to everyone else that participated.   Moot coins will be distributed by the end of the week. You're more than welcome to continue to comment and reply to other submissions or read past responses:

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