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Chicken tendies by Mr.lose a lot

Gimme gimme chicken tendies let them be crispy or from Wendy’s. Spend my hard earned good boy points on kid’s meal ball pit burger joints mummy lifts me to the car to find me tendies near and far enjoy my tasty tendie treats in comfy big big boy booster seats McDonald’s Hardee’s Popeyes canes but of my tendies none remains She try’s to make my take a nappy but sleeping doesn’t not make my happy tendies are the only food that puts me in the napping mood I’ll scream,I’ll bite,I’ll even cuss Tendies are my heart’s desire filed by raging hungry fire Mommy sobs and wails and cries but tears aren’t tendies nugs or fries My good boy points were fairly earned to buy the tendies that I’ve yearned but there are no tendies on my plate did mommy think that I just ate “TENDIES TENDIES GET THEM NOW YOU FAT UNGRATEFUL SLUGGISH COW” I screech while hurling into her eyes my foul bowl dwelling diaper surprise for her she who is un-pooped on is she who remembers never forget my chicken tenders. Thank you for reading also Dndmdmd F F H H G G H H H T W W R H H Hkfjdmsmss D G H H Hdjanakskskss F F G Gmfkdkdkdjdndms F G G Fickle

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