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Moot Caption Contest #51

Welcome to the 51st Moot Caption Contest!   The Caption Contest is where we challenge YOU to come up with the best caption for the below image. By now you know the drill: FIVE winners, first place gets 500 Moot Coins and four runner-ups will receive 100 Moot Coins each.   This week's image depicts the moment Brian discovered Dylan had purchased Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and was hosting a big LAN party. As you can tell, Dylan is excited to have Brian at the party because they are such close friends.   HERE IS THIS WEEK'S IMAGE. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR CAPTION IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. THE WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN BY TEAM MOOT NEXT WEEK!  

Entertainment: Memes - Moot Caption Contest #51 image 2

==========================   Last week's caption contest got some great submissions, but there can be only one winner. After much internal deliberation, the Moot team has chosen a winner! The winner of last week's official Moot Caption Contest is....   drumroll please... FANCINEx! Congratulations FANCINEx, you will receive your prize within 48 hours. Here is FANCINEx's winning submission:  

Entertainment: Memes - Moot Caption Contest #51 image 4

And here are your FOUR second place winners for the last contest:   - Mathfailure1212 - Dolfan1973 - FutureLeaf^^ - Scarbug   To view the rest of the last contest's submissions click here:

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