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Aug 13, 2019, 09:28 AM 1,133 read

Moot Caption Contest #38

Welcome to the 38th installment of the Moot Caption Contest!     All you need to do to enter the Caption Contest is comment below with your caption for this week's image!   PRIZES:   1st place: 500 Moot Coins 2nd-5th place: 100 Moot Coins each   *Winners selected by Team Moot based on humor, creativity, presentation, and more*   HERE IS THIS WEEK'S IMAGE! PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES BEFORE 11:59 PM SUNDAY.  

---------------------------------------   The last Caption Contest got some great submissions. The following 5 users were all winners, but only one can be the Grand Winner! Check out the segment below from today's video to see who won the grand prize of 500 Moot Coins!   Winners: - ButterFeeder - RaggedyRageRagg - BadBearAlbino12 - Skullkidfan - FutureLeaf^^

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